What questions to ask from your Diamond Dealer?

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Questions are important in shopping process but when it comes to Diamond engagement ring shopping, they are super critical. There are lots of information you should get from your Diamond dealer about the gem, its origin and its journey.

In this article, we will help you know the main 15 questions to ask from your Diamond dealer so you can make an informed and intelligent decision.

  1. What options do I have in my price range?
    A Diamond dealer with large inventory can provide you with much greater options that give you freedom of choice. You can also compare them side by side to realize the differences in clarity and cut.
  2. Why is this Diamond on sale?
    Nothing is cheap without a reason. If the price is too good to be true, don’t hesitate to ask about the reason. The stone might have a major flow that is not visible at first glance. If you don’t have enough knowledge or experience, you can’t easily recognize the problem until you arrive home with your shopping! Authentic Diamonds hold their value through time and never drop to lowest prices. Gem enhancement is very common that includes fracture filling, heat treating and laser enhancing. Ask about the details of any kind of enhancement or treatment that has been done and expect clear answers.
  3. How is the quality of this Diamond?
    4Cs were introduced by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to precisely measure 4 qualities of Diamonds, namely: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. They are graded in 5 levels from excellent to poor. There are other qualities you should know about, such as being shallow or deep, having thick or thin girdle, having large culet, being fluorescent and the ideal cut. Another important point is to know if the listed weight is in CT (carat weight) or CTW (carat total weight).
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  4. Do I receive the grading report of this Diamond?
    GIA or any other accredited gemological laboratory can certify authenticity and value of the gem in written report. GIA offers a Diamond Dossier® which contains grading report without clarity plotting diagram. Diamonds of up to 2 carats can be laser inscribed on the side of griddle to carry grading report number.
  5. Is this Diamond conflict-free?
    Conflict-free refers to the process of mining, manufacturing and supply chain that is not associated with ecological destruction, child labor and oppressive government rather it is based on fair trade. Thankfully, Diamond framework in Canada is the best in the world that has a trackable supply chain. Your dealer should be able to easily provide you with the journey map of the gem you have chosen.
  6. What metal is the ring band made of?
    If the band is made from Gold, you should know if it is 14kt or 18kt or something softer like 24kt. Platinum and Titanium are also available as is the gold plated material which comes in one or two tone. There is also Rhodium plated band that looks like white gold but over time it will wear off and will require re-plating process. Some of these materials can’t be sized to your finger which might limit your options.
  7. What is the ring setting called?
    Engagement ring setting has many shapes and forms that can influence the feel and look of your Diamond. Solitaire is the most popular followed by cluster and halo but your dealer should present much more options to help you choose the best.
  8. Do you design custom engagement ring?
    If you want to have your personal touch on the ring and order a custom engagement ring Vancouver, you have to make sure the Diamond dealer can deliver your desired outcome precisely and perfectly.
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  9. What is your return policy?
    In case you need to return the ring, you should know how many days or weeks you have. Exchange policy is also important to know how much more you should be shopping in exchange of the first ring. There might be restocking fee associated with return policy that should be clarified in advance.
  10. What guarantee do you offer?
    Lifelong warranties are offered by reputable jewelers who accept factory defects and also help you with securing loose stone, ring resizing and Diamond upgrading. The requirement must be clearly stated to make sure you don’t void the warranty. It is a good idea to know if repairs will be done on premises or some other places for the sake of timing, cost and risks. E.S.P. or extended service plan is often available but the details must be provided clearly.
  11. How to secure my Diamond investment?
    Diamond is a precious gem with a high price that ideally should be appraised or insured. With having received your grading report, your dealer can guide you on how to take your gem to appraisers and insurers.
  12. How to maintain my Diamond ring?
    The word Diamond is derived from Greek word “adamas” meaning invincible but it doesn’t mean that the gem doesn’t require any care and maintenance to retain brilliance and sparkle. It should also be protected from heavy impacts. Your Diamond dealer should provide you with specific details about caring routine.
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  13. Do you offer any free accessories?
    Some dealers might offer a Jewelry cleaner or polishing cloth and they might even give you a free engraving service.
  14. Do you have any financing plan?
    Sometimes interest-free financing is offered which you should know about late fees.
  15. How do you describe your reputation?
    This might be counter intuitive to ask someone about their own reputation but the reactions and answers says a lot about the person!

Final thoughts

Diamond dealer is the only person to get the accurate information about the gem you are buying. He/she must be a master of Diamond to be able to help you choose the best gem while being honest and fair.

A Diamond dealer with great reputation and a family business that extends over generations is reliable to be your source. He/she has a large inventory that gives you plenty of options and an opportunity to see all kinds of Diamond next to each other. He/she is often a certified gemologist who also has a qualified team of staff ready to serve you. You can ask all your questions and he/she will be able to answer them with certainty and honesty. He/she will be willing to educate you about your choice and provide you with Diamond wholesale prices. He/she will be there anytime you need a service for your ring.

Your Diamond dealer is your ally in extending the journey of an exquisite piece of gem that has been through millions of years just to be held precious by you.

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