Welcome to Diamond Net!

My name is Felix. I am the proud owner of this third generation family owned diamond business. We own, manufacture and import diamonds to Canada. Our inventory is now available to you directly here in Vancouver.

In the past, our family has exclusively supplied jewelry stores and diamond brokers. Today, we are offering our diamonds to the public.


Diamond Net office in Vancouver

Why choose us?

Come visit our office here in Vancouver! You can see and compare diamonds in the category that you are looking for. Our diamonds don’t only exist on paper or as a virtual inventory. You can come and check them out!

We offer the largest physical inventory available in BC. Unlike jewelry stores and diamond brokers we actually own the inventory. As a result, we are always able to offer you several options in the category you want.

Above all, our expenses are lower and our mark-ups are smaller. Even more, our customer service is impeccable. You can enjoy 100% risk-free shopping with money back guarantee. You enjoy an absolutely no pressure experience. We also offer free lifetime ring servicing, lifetime diamond upgrade and fully insured door-to-door shipping.

Each purchase comes with reputable certification and/or appraisal from GIA, AGS, IGI and more.

What sets us apart?

You purchase directly from the Diamond Exchange!

Most products are sold at very high retail prices. Derivatives and brokerage commissions increase the cost of the product at every step. The same thing happens in the diamond industry.

Diamonds undergo many different production steps. Initially, a rough diamond looks like any common stone with little aesthetics. In the polishing factories the rough stone receives its beautiful shape and is then sold to a polished diamond dealer.

The polished diamond dealers sell the diamonds to jewelry factories where the diamonds are placed in jewelry like diamond engagement rings which are then sold to jewelry stores.

At Diamond Net, everything happens in one place! Consequently, there is no passing of the diamonds from hand to hand, no additional brokerage fees and commissions. As a result, you save thousands of dollars. Therefore, high quality diamonds that retail at high prices are available through Diamond Net for a lot less.

Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands for both Women and Men

Diamond Net is a third generation diamond wholesaler and ring manufacturer. We pride ourselves in providing superior quality jewelry based on exquisite craftsmanship.  As a result, we have firmly established our reputation in today’s competitive jewelry market. We produce only the finest quality engagement rings and wedding ring sets. Noticeably, our prices are highly competitive and we offer outstanding customer service.

We specialize in the creation of bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands for both women and men. And we take the process very seriously. Our experienced goldsmiths use only the best materials. We combine time-tested techniques and traditional skills with state-of-the-art technologies. After that, every ring is thoroughly inspected for possible structural defects at each step of its creation to ensure you will receive a flawless product.

On our website you can browse our inventory, see some of our latest products and learn more about diamonds.

If you would like to see and compare diamonds, you are more than welcome to book an appointment and visit us in our showroom in Vancouver. Call 778-318-5208 or email to info@diamondnet.ca

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