DiamondNet bride and groom wedding rings
DiamondNet engagement ring
DiamondNet custom engagement ring
DiamondNet diamond engagement ring
DiamondNet bride and groom wedding rings
DiamondNet engagement ring
DiamondNet custom engagement ring
DiamondNet diamond engagement ring

Vancouver's Premier Diamond Wholesale
& Engagement Ring Manufacturer

Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver we are British Columbia’s premier Engagement Ring manufacturers and Diamond Wholesalers. We own the largest physical diamond inventory offering you the widest selection of GIA graded diamonds at the best prices. Visit us to see, compare and choose the perfect diamond for your Engagement Ring.

We pride ourselves in producing the finest Engagement Rings in Vancouver, locally crafted to the highest standards. Naturally, we also offer complementary diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and any custom diamond jewelry you can think of.

In the past, our family has exclusively supplied jewelry stores and diamond brokers. Now, we are offering our diamonds to the public. Book an appointment to enjoy a truly unique diamond buying experience.


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    5 star review  There is a reason why Diamond net has a 5/5 review. Felix is absolutely amazing!!!! He is honest, knowledgeable, super friendly and knows what he's doing. Many people will claim that they are diamond "wholesalers" but Felix is actually the real deal and his prices are the best in Vancouver. We shopped around a lot, many people are actually diamond brokers instead of wholesalers, there is a huge difference between the two. I can say with great confidence we received the best customer service and price from Felix. Not only is he honest but he doesn't try to pressure you into anything as seen from other people in the lower mainland. The quality of the product is also amazing. My engagement ring is to die for. We will definitely be using him again for all future diamond needs and highly recommend him for anyone searching for an engagement ring, wedding band, diamond earrings, loose diamonds etc. Thank you Felix!!!!! Keep up the amazing work ❤

    thumb Loveleen G

    5 star review  Felix came highly recommended to me by two friends who purchased their engagement rings from him. He definitely surpassed any expectations I had! He patiently worked with me and my lack of diamond knowledge, and guided me to the right stone that ended up blowing my fiancé away!! Compared to other jewellers, the quality of his selections for the price are unparalleled. I cannot express how pleased I am with my experience with him! Thank you Felix! See you for the wedding bands!

    thumb Dimo .

    5 star review  The most amazing experience ever! Felix was very helpful, knowledgeable and very relaxed in his approach. We did not feel any pressure from him to purchase and managed to stay within budget. Highly recommend!

    thumb Imderdeep Tiwana

    5 star review  I want to recommend DiamondNet in Vancouver when looking for your diamond ring or just diamonds. Felix was very helpful in providing a selection like no other and all information that came with it. I wanted something I wasn't going to find from your local retailer. Something my imagination had created but not seen anywhere. For what I needed I would have to go to the source. That source was Felix and his 3rd generation family owned Diamond wholesaler DiamondNet, who have been in the same location for decades supplying all the retailers. Up until recently their diamonds were only available to them. Glad that changed as I was able to get what I need without that retailer price point. I wanted something rare for my rare fiancee. Something as rare as less than 1% of all diamonds, color diamonds. Felix provided a selection that consisted of many colors and it was all available on spot as I was able to view and select which ones I wanted. I got that rare ring I had pictured. A multicolored diamond engagement ring. A true yellow canary diamond with a beautiful pink diamond on one end and a light green chameleon diamond on the other. The chameleon diamond temporarily changes color to yellowish orange when left in the dark for an extended period of time. Never even knew such things existed until it was introduced to me at DiamondNet. My fiancee was blown away with what I had presented and I am very fortunate to have been able to do so. Thank you Felix we couldn't be happier. If you're also looking to make an investment along with your purchase than this is your place. Thank you

    thumb harjit singh



At Diamondnet, we believe an educated client is a valuable client. Without a basic diamond literacy and understanding of how these precious stones are evaluated, it is impossible to grasp the quality we produce with each product.

Many people are introduced to the “4 C’s”: Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity, and this is as learned as they ever become on the subject of diamond differentiation.

These four factors were emphasized by buyers and sellers of diamonds for years, when in reality, the 4 C’s hardly scratch the surface (diamond pun intended). We are excited to deliver full-spectrum knowledge of our diamond selection – engagements rings and beyond – ensuring you love and understand your selection.


The weight of a diamond is measured in a unit known as a carat. Simply put, the larger the diamond, the greater its value. Situations where the weight of multiple diamonds is equal and the prices significantly different is the result of variance in cut, clarity, and color.

Diamond carat
Diamond colors


The scoring of white diamonds ranges from D to Z, with the most sought-after stones for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry falling between D and K. This range is so highly coveted due to the appealing white color the diamond adopts when mounted. Diamonds of unique or eclectic colors are the result of pigment concentration and range beyond Z on the scale. With such bold presentation, this category of diamond is often considered equal or more valuable than their colorless comrades


Our preferred option for diamond certification is GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the highest diamond standard. We do offer EGL and AGS certified diamonds; however, we state clearly that we believe the latter represents a less credible choice.

Diamond clarity
Diamond cut


While these components are all important clues as to a diamond’s worth, the cut is certainly the quintessential factor. An ideal cut will override all other details and is understood to maintain value over time, quite often at a price that reflects its excellence.


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