Vancouver or VanDiamond: the best place to shop Engagement Ring

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Vancouver is the city of lush nature as well as high-end modernity. It is the rain city as much as it is the city of glass. The true manifestation of diversity, people from all backgrounds are living together peacefully. It offers the most satisfying foods directly from farm to table. There is no shortage of adventure from wilderness to skiing. It is one of the greenest and cleanest cities in the world with attractive architecture that has sustainability in mind. Vancouver always tops the list of most liveable cities in the world and it sits just across the border from Seattle!

But Vancouver has another feature that may not be so visible at first glance and that is Diamond industry which makes engagement ring market so attractive for local people as well neighboring countries. The Diamond gem quality is top rated, designs are unique and personalized and the pricings are at wholesale level. If you haven’t been to Vancouver yet, buying an engagement ring is a good excuse!

In this article, we will prove that Vancouver is the best place to shop engagement ring so you can have a great option to pick an utterly exquisite Diamond engagement ring and save money on one of the most important shopping of your life.

Why go to Vancouver to shop Diamond Engagement Ring?

 Diamond mines

Apart from having a memorable trip, there are some strategic reasons to shop your Diamond engagement ring in Vancouver:

  • Canadian Diamond mines
    Canada is home to one of the biggest Diamond mines in the world. The Ekati mine is located in Lac de Gras region of North West territories (NWT) and is estimated to have 105 million carats of Diamond reserves which are 45 to 62 million years old! It was discovered in 1991 and the mining operation started in 1998. Since then it has been supplying the global market. In 2003 a new mine, Diavik started operating near Ekati and was followed by Victor in 2008 and Gahcho Kué in 2016. Many parts of Canada are still under exploration for new Diamond mines.
    The Canadian Diamonds are premium gem quality which is highly demanded all over the world. The regular atomic structure makes them superb for light reflection and gives them a pure brilliance, strong sparkle and highest 4Cs not to be found anywhere else.
    The mining process is ethical and environmental friendly which makes the Diamonds conflict-free. The operational impact of mining is precisely calculated to make sure the surrounding natural ecosystem is not harmed by any ways. The certification process and supply chain is also thoroughly legitimate, tracking every piece from mine to retail to provide peace of mind for every conscious consumer. Canadian Diamond framework is currently the best in the world and the Code of Conduct is firmly executed.
    Having the seventh biggest Diamond mine in the world has created a special market that is in favor of engagement ring consumers. With no international transportation, the gems are distributed within Canada with lower expenses.
  • Vancouver location
    Vancouver being in British Colombia, the neighboring territory with Diamond mines location has the great advantage of lowest transportation cost. It is also home to some master jewelers who can cut and polish a piece of gem out of rough stone to reveal the hidden brilliance and fire. Designers in Vancouver take the Diamond to next level by securing the gem in top quality metal in a setting that not only compliments grace of the stone but adds to beauty of the ring.
  • Vancouver Diamond dealers
    Granville Street is the heart of downtown Vancouver where master jewelers present their art and science of Diamond. It is also the neighborhood of high-end brands, theatre, music, dance, culture, entertainment, cafes and endless neon.

Diamond dealer
DiamondNet is the house to such master jewelers who you can trust. We are the third generation Diamond dealer with largest inventory in British Colombia and a family owned manufactory. We distribute Diamond wholesale throughout Canada and beyond but also offer our services to individual customers to help them enjoy wholesale prices with professional customer service, rare designs and fully legitimate gems.

All our Diamonds come with certification from top organizations such as GIA, AGS and IGI. All our engagement rings have free lifetime servicing, lifetime Diamond upgrade, full insurance from door to door and money back guarantee of 14-30 days for offline or online shopping respectively. We also offer 1 year of exchange guarantee for items of the same value. Our whole process of production and sales is direct so there is no middle man and therefore no extra commission or brokerage fee which lowers our prices dramatically.

Diamond wholesale

Our Diamond gems are premium in quality and aesthetics and our craftsmanship is unmatched by using both traditional skills and modern technologies. Our designs are highly unique, capturing the essence of historical ring settings with modern trends which caters to every taste and style. From the classic and graceful solitaire to the most complex and flashy cluster settings with every embellishment possible on metal band, we can deliver every style with precision and perfection. We also design custom engagement ring that has your personal touch to represent your true love and affection for your special one.

Our goal is to maximize your benefit by cutting unnecessary costs so you can save thousands of dollars. We aim to gain your trust by impeccable professionalism and receive your referrals by excellence of service. Our philosophy is to be of service to your interest and help you pick the best Diamond engagement ring in Vancouver for your significant other.

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