Is it worth buying real jewelry?

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Nowadays, due to the increase of models and the more beautiful and elegant designs, many people consider jewelry the only decorative item. In contrast, there are other people who consider it an asset for the future. However, the question may always arise for jewelry lovers, is buying jewelry worth it? Could it be an excellent investment?

The rarity, refinement, cut or shape of jewelry all play a role in valuing the piece. Buying a piece of custom jewelry is a method of buying jewelry. You can choose the stone and jewel based on your budget and personalize it according to your taste, which is considered one of the best-extended investment plans. The uniqueness of gold and its rarity raises the demand in the market, making gold more valuable over time.

Is it economical to buy jewelry?

Gold is an asset that retains its value over time. In most cases, its value increases, and you can make a profit after a few years of buying it. According to the World Bank, investing in gold falls into category A investments. This means that it is highly recommended as a good investment because its value does not decrease over time or with inflation. Gold is the third most popular investment after real estate and stock markets. One of the advantages of investing in jewelry and buying gold is that it does not include taxes in many countries.

Also, this type of investment can be converted into money at any time, and you can take it with you anywhere in the world. Jewelry and gold, unlike money, are physical and tangible investments that should be stored with caution. So, rather than thinking about investing in jewelry, you should think about how and where to store this precious metal in the first place. Perhaps one of the main disadvantages of jewelry investment is that it is hazardous to keep it at home and cannot be prevented from being stolen.

Why is jewelry a good investment?

The most obvious reason for investing in jewelry is the durability of the metal itself. Jewelry is not damaged in any way over time and remains the same as the first day for the rest of its life. That is why we see that jewelry is inherited in families and is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. With changes in economic conditions and domestic problems, jewelry is not affected by inflation or economic instability. This means that jewelry and gold always have value, and you can sell them as capital and use the money at any time.

Pros and cons of investing in jewelry

Some of the advantages of investing in jewelry and gold are

  • This metal is valuable globally, and you can cash it anytime.
  • Jewelry is an investment that you can use daily while always be able to sell it at a profit.
  • Jewelry is made of gold, the metal of which is durable and does not rust. For example, a Diamond engagement ring will last for a lifetime.
  • It is always fashionable.

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Some of the disadvantages of investing in jewelry and gold are

  • This precious metal is difficult to preserve. To keep them, you have to have a suitable device or put it in safe deposit boxes, which are costly.
  • Jewelry and gold, like other investments, do not bring a person a monthly income. Jewelry is just a valuable item that you can profit from selling.
  • The presence of stones and jewels in jewelry reduces its price when sold and is not as profitable as raw gold.