Should I buy cheap rings?

Should I buy cheap rings

You’ve probably heard that a reasonable budget to buy a wedding ring is equivalent to two months’ salary. In fact, the sentence is from an advertising campaign in the ’40s. However, the value of the wedding ring is more of sentimental merit, and you will probably wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life. Basically, there are no reasonable or unreasonable when it comes to buying an engagement or wedding ring. Engagement rings should be purchased according to “his” budget and to “her” liking or vice versa.

Moreover, the term “cheap” could be applied to a 3000$ diamond ring, while a fake 40$ ring is also considered cheap. Financially speaking, it all depends on your initial budget. The current economy in which the market is still recovering from the Covid pandemic demands a new lifestyle and strategies to spend your earnings. In the following, we will cover some tips on buying a suitable ring at a reasonable price.

Consider the difference of white metals when buying a cheap ring

When picking a ring, forget platinum and palladium! Even with the high cost of making and maintaining, these two metals don’t look much different from white gold. In fact, almost all white metal rings are coated with rhodium (platinum family), which have the same anti-allergic properties and significant shine at a lower cost. A silver wedding ring can also be a good choice with an attractive appearance.

Wedding rings on rock with white gold

Choose a shiny ring with gemstones when looking for a cheap ring

One of the common mistakes when buying a wedding ring is saving the size and weight but choosing a ring without stones or choosing a larger diamond as the central stone. The price of a diamond depends on its dimensions, but its price and size are not linearly related; as the size of the diamond increases, its price increases even more. For example, at the cost of a genuine one-carat diamond, several carats of smaller diamonds with the same degree of purity can be produced. You can order a HALO ring (a ring surrounded by small stones around the center stone) at a fixed cost, with less regard to the size of the central diamond. Then cover your ring with diamonds on the crown and make a brighter and more attractive ring for the same or even less cost.

Diamond halo engagement ring

Order diamonds with dimensions smaller than round numbers

Whether it’s a wedding ring or an engagement ring, diamond’s weight is measured by natural numbers such as 1 or 2.  the price dramatically jumps when the diamonds fractured into a whole number. For example, by choosing a 0.9-carat diamond, you will have a stone measuring 6.25 mm, and by selecting a 1-carat diamond, you will have 6.5 mm. Your eye will hardly notice the difference between these two stones, and instead, you will save at least 20% on your expenses! So, ordering a ring with a diamond weighting at a round number will save you a lot.