How to Take Care of an Engagement Ring?

How to take care of an engagement ring

First of all, hooray! Congratulations on your engagement. We know everything seems happy-go-lucky and carefree at the moment, but there are a few practical considerations when it comes to protecting your gorgeous new sparkler.

Engagement Ring Insurance

I think it’s obvious: you do not want to lose your precious new rock. At first it feels like you won’t let your engagement ring out of your sight. And maybe you won’t. But sometimes life is unexpected. The beauty of ring insurance is the instant peace of mind. Whether your ring gets lost, stolen, forgotten, or damaged—you want to know it’s protected.

As soon as the ring is yours, you can begin to seek out the best insurance for you. There are two main options for insuring your ring. You can extend your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance to cover your ring specifically. This is an easy option if you like your current policy and feel comfortable adding an additional rider. If you don’t have a policy in place at the moment, you can find jewelry-specific insurance.

You will need an invoice as proof of purchase, as well as an appraisal of your new ring as evidence of its value. Of course, the price to insure will reflect the price of the ring itself. Many jewelry experts recommend having your ring appraised every five years, as diamond and precious metal prices do go up.

Tips to Take Care of an Engagement Ring

Now that it’s safe, let’s talk about keeping it sparkly. You’ve been dreaming about this little beauty for quite some time. And it’s going to be on your finger for even longer. So, best practices for engagement ring care are important to learn now.

As nice as it feels to have bare hands while hand washing, try to avoid taking off your engagement ring in public bathrooms. Drains can be the devil if you accidentally drop it. Keep the ring on while washing, and then pick a safe place in your home bathroom to set it when you need to have bare fingers.

Once you’ve found your safe place to store it, we recommend setting your ring there whenever you need to use harsh chemicals. Bleach and other toxic chemicals can dull the finish of your stone. This applies to any activities that require maximum hand engagement. Why risk it if you don’t have to?

Jewelry attracts dust, dirt, and oils. There isn’t much you can do about that. But taking care to regularly and properly clean them will minimize and prevent damage. Although it might be tempting to clean it with whatever you have around the house, the most thorough option is having a jeweler do a steam clean. We advise scheduling maintenance appointments with your jeweler annually.