Engagement Ring Trends in 2019

Latest engagement rings trends in 2019

Do you consider yourself something of a trend setter? Are you ready to pop the question and curious about what’s trending in the engagement ring world? Or do you want to know what the most popular engagement ring for 2019 is so far? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s on the cusp of becoming cool in the near future.

Engagement ring styles fluctuate. The great thing about modern day ring shopping is the diversity of platforms available. You can see latest engagement ring designs on social media and online diamond retailers like DiamondNet. These tools add a whole new dimension to ‘ring-spo’.

Bold Engagement Rings

Bold rings are the rage this year. Expressive, dazzling, and unique styles have the spotlight. Some popular ideas include large and impressive diamond center stones, black diamonds and other multicoloured gemstones with distinct details.

One way to ensure your ring turns heads is to go with a halo setting. The halo setting has a fascinating way of making the diamond look larger than its actual size. It creates an optical illusion. The halo setting originated from the Art Deco Era. The Art Deco period was a European movement that combined modern styles with impressive craftmanship and rich materials. Halo settings can be even more impressive when complimented with intricate banding.

Minimalist Designs for Engagement Rings

There is a consensus that ‘bigger is better’ in the engagement ring world. But with that said, going minimal can be a statement of its own. Simple does not have to mean boring. The ultimate minimal choice is the classic solitaire. While this basic style is a crowd favorite, a slightly more sparkly take on the solitaire style is to add a band with pizzazz. But remember, it is a good idea to gauge your finance-to-be’s bling level before taking the plunge.

Another great choice if you want to keep things simple is a bezel setting. Because the bezel setting holds the stone in on all sides, it is super secure and low maintenance. If you go with a bezel setting, you can still have your pick of shape, stone, and band style.

Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

Going vintage is a great choice for someone who wants a little history on their hand. In most cases, it will also make you stand out from the crowd. Vintage rings are inspired by a fashion from history. Art Deco (again) is a great choice for a vintage ring. Or you could go Victorian, Edwardian, or Georgian.

Remember—trends are just trends. You know your significant other better than anybody else. Read her style cues to see what she’s drawn to in terms of accessories. Then you can use these popular ideas as a framework for your decision. Now getting shopping, Romeo!