How To Pick A Ring She’ll Actually Adore

So you’ve done it. You’ve found a diamond in the rough (pardon the pun). Someone who lights you up, laughs at your jokes, and makes you feel on top of the world. Now the real fun begins. But to make sure things go as planned once you’re on one knee, you’ll need to source out the perfect bling.

Decide whether you want to go the complete-surprise route, or the informed-choice route. Both have pros and cons. The first comes with added pressure of making the hard decision by yourself. But for many ring-buyers, the hope of seeing her caught off guard is worth the risk. If you know she’s the type who will want to weigh in, consider asking her straight up. And if you think she won’t catch on, you can always try finagling clues without giving up the goose entirely.

Finding her taste in engagement ring by social medias

Scope out her social media. Trust me, if she has the slightest inkling you’re about to pop the question, she’s has engagement fever. And there’s a good chance her online platforms are a lifeline to images, companies, and brands she follows. Once you see the style of engagement ring she’s into, you can start to narrow it down.

Consider her special taste before deciding on ring

Stay true to her. Seeing what kind of rings she’s looking at is important, but you need to consider her personal taste on a whole. Before deciding on design, stone, and setting, try to get a feel for her style. Is she an ornate dresser, or a rough-and-tumble tomboy? Does she love to sparkle, or is she an understated fashionista? These overarching style tendencies are a good way to tell what engagement ring will suit her. Remember, this little stone will be on her finger every day. It is one of the most important pieces of jewelry she’ll ever own. It needs to make her smile each and every time she looks at it.

Options for choosing engagement ring stone

Think outside the box. There are so many creative options to choose from. While 90% of engagement rings are diamonds, there are many other precious stones available. Does your boo fancy the unconventional? If so, maybe dip a toe into the waters of sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. Explore your options. Keep in mind that while coloured gemstones are less expensive and more daring, they are softer than diamonds. They may not stand up to the test of time.

Set a realistic budget for buying a ring

Set a realistic budget. Some old school, archaic rules dictate what you should spend. We recommend taking time to figure out what price point makes sense for you. Once you’ve established a comfortable amount, you can begin to search within realistic parameters. Most modern day jewelers offer convenient financing. Layaway and interest-free options are becoming more common. You’re about to kick off this new, exciting phase of your lives. She will be happy in the long run that you didn’t break the bank with this purchase.

This ring is a symbol of commitment and love. Whichever ring you choose will be special because you picked it. Don’t throw caution to the wind and pick any old average rock. But don’t stress about your choice. She loves you. She’ll love the engagement ring you’ve decided to place on her pretty little finger. By visiting DiamondNet, you can find recent engagement rings designs and make your final decision on what suits her the best.