How to preserve wedding or engagement rings?

Preserve wedding or engagement rings

The wedding ring is considered one of the most emotional possession of every couple. That is why it is essential to maintain and take care of the wedding ring. Many couples prefer to put their rings on all the time, whether at home, the workplace, or during a trip. However, in some places, such as the workplace or any other place where you are physically active, your wedding or engagement ring is exposed to dirt and scratches. If you want to keep the mesmerizing sight of your wedding ring for years to come, simply follow these tips.

Do not remove your wedding ring in public places

There is a habit among many people when washing their hands, even in public toilets or at parties, they take off their ring and put it next to the sink, and then have to say goodbye to the most precious souvenir of their marriage because they will never see it again. Whether you are in Stanley Park in Vancouver or at your best friend’s wedding, it is best to resist the urge to remove the ring from your fingers when washing your hands, as the risk of losing your wedding ring is so significant that it does not worth it.

A man with suit removing his wedding ring

Clean your wedding ring regularly

Cleaning the wedding ring with any cleaning solution you have at home is one of the methods not recommended at all. Some substances used in cleaning liquids that we use at home may damage your wedding or engagement ring. We highly recommend that you let professionals clean your wedding ring with special methods.

Clean your wedding ring regularly

Visit your jeweler frequently to check on your wedding ring

You can visit your jeweler and ask him to check the stone or stones on your wedding ring to see if they are loose. A professional jeweler can fasten them on the pedal and make sure that no cracks have formed on your wedding ring or its stones, especially if you have an expensive diamond wedding ring. If you happen to live in Vancouver and looking for a professional to check on your precious wedding ring, we can provide you with such service at DiamondNet.

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Avoid chemicals when wearing your wedding ring

When using strong chemical solutions, it is best to remove the ring from your finger and place it in a safe place instead of the corner of the sink. Direct contact of the ring with chemical solutions destroys its natural luster and damages precious stones such as emeralds.

Remove the ring from your finger

Don’t leave your wedding ring next to sharp objects

Even though the diamond is one of the most durable materials in nature, but that does not mean your precious wedding ring will not be scratched or cracked. If you want to carry your love monument with you for the rest of your life, have a specific place to put it and avoid putting your wedding ring next to sharp things.

Wedding rings on split

Buy and insurance for your wedding ring

This idea may not have occurred to you or your fiancé, but by ensuring your engagement or wedding ring and other precious jewelry, you won’t need to worry much about preserving them.