Is a Moissanite diamond a real diamond?

Moissanite diamonds

Moissanite is one of the finest gemstones accessible. The hardness of Moissanite stone is 9.25, which is exceptionally much harder than ordinary gemstones. Moissanite has more gloss and scattering than jewel and is, as it were quasi-diamond that weighs less (3.21) than normal diamond (3.52). Most interesting, the stone acts like a jewel in terms of warm conductivity.

What are the particular colors of Moissanite?

Natural Moissanite is usually found in white, yellow, green, etc. The fake Missionizes have various colors to draw in clients with diverse tastes. To recognize the color of distinctive sorts of Moissanite, you would like to put these gems beneath a wide source of light.

  • White (colorless): The finest and most costly sort of clear white Moissanite is the colorless sort.
  • Green: The green Moissanite is mostly pale.
  • Yellow: Yellow Moissanite is less shiny, and the cost of yellow Moissanite is lower compared to its white type.
  • Blue: Due to its tanzanite, blue Moissanite looks exceptionally beautiful.
  • Black: Dark Moissanite are not very popular, and the price is also low compared to other colors.

Fancy colors of Moissanite

Difference between Moissanite and diamonds in appearance

Since its presentation to the gems showcases in 1998, due to its optical similitude to precious stones, its much lower cost and ease of extraction have made it utilized in adornments prevalent. A few of the contrasts are:

  1. More sparkles and radiance: The difference between Moissanite and diamonds are mostly in terms of glow. Moissanite has more light reflection and scattering glow than diamond. It is curious to know that since Moissanite is made of silicon, it retains less oil or dust, and as a result, it has more sparkling properties than uncleaned diamonds.
  2. Less hardness. Moissanite with a hardness of 9.25 features a lower hardness than diamonds. Nowadays, a few hardness analyzers can identify Moissanite from diamonds. However, the mistake rate in these tests, particularly non-standard tests, is high. If you are looking for a professional inspection of your Moissanite and you happen to live in Vancouver, book an appointment so our analyzers can assist you.
  3.  Lower price. The cost of Moissanite is much lower than diamond. A colorless, clean Moissanite is eventually $ 500 a carat.

Difference between Moissanite and diamonds

How to clean Moissanite diamond

It is recommended to clean your Moissanite and jewel adornments once a month. Specially if you want to sell your Moissanite diamond, we highly recommend that you clean it in advance.  Here are a few basic ways to wash and make the most excellent Moissanite gemstones:

  1. Fill the bowl with warm water. Include several drops of odorless cleanser (note that it does not cause a scraped spot on gems).
  2. Take a delicate brush and plunge it within the bowl. Gently clean your Moissanite with a brush.
  3. Ultrasonic cleaners: This is often the strategy that most jewelers use. They fill the device with water and cleaning arrangements and, after that, put Moissanite gems in it. This is the fastest method to clean Moissanite. If you live in Vancouver and you want to use this method, you can contact us anytime.