What are the best gemstones for wedding and engagement rings?

Gemstones collection jewelry set

The wedding ring is one of the most significant trophies in marriage, and today, couples are looking for the best gemstones for their wedding or engagement rings. Designers and jewelers cut all kinds of precious and beautiful stones and put them on the wedding rings to design new models. Today, the design of the ring model and the type of gemstones on it is highly valued, and buying it is one of the most important issues before the engagement and marriage celebration.

Sapphire makes your wedding ring outshine

Sapphire is known as the royal family stone. The engagement ring of Kate Middleton’s royal family was made of this precious gemstone, which belonged to the mother of Prince William Princess Diana. Other celebrities, including Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth Harley, wore sapphire rings. Sapphire, with a hardness of 9, is one of the hardest non-diamond natural stones. The large sapphire mines are, in fact, remnants of volcanic and metamorphic streams of granite and marble that have been blown into the riverbeds and mountain slopes.

Blue sapphire on black coal background

Pearls look elegant on wedding rings

Pearls have many fans among women from the past to the present. Rarely do we see anyone not interested in pearls. This old-style gemstone has been revived in today’s engagement rings. If you are one of those people who like simplicity and do not like glamor, a pearl ring will be the best choice for you, and it will look very stylish and beautiful next to your white wedding dress. Among the types of this gem, we can mention saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls, and cultured pearls.

Pearls on a white background

Stylish engagement rings with emerald

Emerald is known as the jewel of kings. This beautiful gemstone is well carved with a hardness of 8, and this feature is one of the significant advantages of emerald for jewelers. However, this beautiful gemstone needs special care because emerald is prone to cracking and crushing due to its natural components. The wonderful and dazzling color of this gemstone and its rarity makes this gemstone one of the most favored among young couples when choosing their engagement rings.

Emerald ring and pair of diamond earrings in gold

Citrine is used in modern engagement ring design

Citrine is a type of quartz with a yellow to the orange-brown color spectrum. The name of this stone is derived from French “citron,” meaning lemon. Looking at this beautiful gemstone, you can easily see why Citrine is a popular choice for engagement rings. The hardness, rigidity, and glass polish are the features of this beautiful stone.

Citrine ring on shine table

Opal looks excellent on wedding rings

Opal is one of the most popular gemstones used in wedding rings for young couples. If you are one of those people who want your wedding ring as a symbol of your love to be remarkable and mysterious and to dazzle the eyes, opal gemstone will be the right choice for you. Opal is famous for its refractive feature, which causes the colors of the rainbow on the opal to glow.

Beautiful silver opal ring

Diamonds on wedding and engagement rings

Diamond means invincibility. The conditions for forming this beautiful gemstone are challenging and complex, and this is one of the most important reasons it is so precious. Colored diamonds on engagement rings are the best-selling engagement rings due to their beauty and unique features. The hardness of this gemstone is the reason for its resistance to scratches and damage and its high quality. If you live in Canada and you are looking for such a ring, we can offer you the best collection of diamond engagement rings in Vancouver.