How to determine the perfect engagement ring size

Determine the perfect engagement ring size

Your engagement ring, over the years, will be a symbol of love and acceptance of the covenant between you and your partner. Or, it is vital to research the finger size of your future spouse before applying for marriage. There is certainly nothing more frustrating than having an engagement ring that is so valuable to you and is not the size of your hand which slips into your fingers.

How to choose the right size for an engagement ring?

When it comes to getting the size of an engagement ring, perhaps the first and best way that comes to mind is to ask a professional or visit a jewelry shop and try on different rings to find the right engagement ring size for your finger.

However, other methods such as using a ring measurement table, a plastic ring size determinant or a printed ring sizing guide can be obtained.

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Use a metal ring gauge

Many stores use metal ring sizing tools to help their customers. Using this tool to determine the size of the ring is very simple. By using a metal ring gauge and the relevant table, the ring size can be easily obtained, and it is a reliable way to measure the size of an engagement ring.

Use the printed ring sizing guide

If you are one of those people who cannot wait to order and receive plastic ring size gauges from jewelry stores and would like to use a method that is faster and may also be less expensive, you can use the printed ring sizing guide. This method is very accessible and easy to use. You can always have it with you by printing this sizing guide and then having the help section for use. This guide consists of a measuring tool that is printed on paper and a section explaining how to use it, which, if used according to the instructions, can quickly determine the size of an engagement ring for you.

Measure the size of the engagement ring at home

There are many methods you can choose to measure the size of your engagement ring; however, we would advise you to ask the shop you are buying from for the standards they use:

Using thread to determine the size of an engagement ring

You will need a string, a ruler, and a pen.

The method of measurement is to separate a piece of thread at least 15 cm long and then wrap it around the end of the finger, just below the fingernail, and then mark the part where the thread ends around the finger, put the thread on the ruler and get the size and then convert this size to the size of the engagement ring using the loop size table.

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Using paper tape

The same as the above method, but we use paper tape instead of thread. The steps of obtaining the size of different models of engagement rings in this method are the same as before, and instead of just a 15 cm piece of thread, we will use a thin string of paper with a length of 10 cm.

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Use your previous rings that are the size of your hand

First, we measure the inside diameter of the old ring in millimeters. Using the relevant table, we convert this size to the size of our ring.