How to design your own custom engagement ring?

design your own custom engagement ring

Custom engagement ring is unique because it has your personal touch, a touch that no one can replicate. So if there is only one thing you should be customizing, it is your engagement ring. But can you do it on your own? Do you know the process? Are you familiar with the terminology?

In this article, we want to help you design your own custom engagement ring. We will review the process and provide tips so you can get the Diamond engagement ring of your dreams.

Know the basics
Know what you want and articulate it clearly. There is nothing complicated about it. If words are not enough to describe the details, have some pictures of your desired outcome so your jeweler gets a clear idea.
Get the timing right. Waiting till the last moment to design a custom engagement ring will probably just ruin all your plans. Start a couple of month earlier so you have enough time to carefully create your ring and enjoy the process too.

You will get a sketch of the ring first and all the changes you make are edited on the paper. Of course you might work on computerized render of the ring which is even easier than paper. Based on the final render, a wax model will be made so you can get a feeling of your designed ring on your finger.
If it is perfectly fit and all is approved, the ring is cast, cleaned, set with the Diamonds and finally polished. Then it is ready to be put on your finger.

You should insure your Diamond ring right away and follow the instructions on maintenance.

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Choose your jeweler wisely
The Jeweler should be able to understand and deliver your desired style so review his/her designs and pay attention to details and style.

It is a big advantage if the jeweler has a large inventory of Diamond engagement ring in Vancouver so not only you can see more of his/her work but you can use it as a base and just change them as you wish to get the ring you want.

The jeweler should be reputable and trustable so do your homework and research about him/her.
In most cases if you design your wedding band at the same time with the engagement ring, you will get a good deal so remember to use this opportunity! A Diamond dealer that has Diamond wholesale prices can help with your budget too.

It’s all about the centre Diamond
Everything starts with Diamond, the big centre stone and the small ones, as many as you can afford. Your budget is the only limitation in choosing Diamonds, so determine your budget first.

The price of the ring depends on many factors that interfere with each other because Diamonds are measured by 4Cs which are Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.

The carat is the weight of the stone which is often the first defining factor in pricing.
Diamonds are often colorless but there are some colored options too such as yellow Diamond. The rare colors such as red or grey are most expensive while yellow is more available. Colored Diamond is the perfect choice for a bride who always chooses the rare items and is different from others.

The clarity is determined by molecular structure of the stone and presence of any imperfection. The higher the clarity is, the highest the price will be.

The cut is the shape and facets of the Diamond that reveal the fire within and intensify the famous sparkle.

The cuts come in different shapes:

  • The round: Round, Oval
  • The 3-corner: Trillion
  • The 4-sided: Cushion, Princess, Asscher, Radiant, Emerald
  • The in betweens: Pear, Heart, Marquise

These cuts often have 58 facets which is the gold standard but there are exceptions too. Radiant has the highest facets with 70 while Asscher is fixed on 57 facets. Trillion and Princess often have 50 facets but in customized cuts they can reach to 144!
The more the facets are, the higher the fire and sparkle is and of course the higher the price will be. It is because more time and masterful effort is needed to create more sophisticated facets.

The facets are different in shape too. Round brilliant has kite-like prisms that create the most fire and sparkle. It looks sophisticated and complex. On the other hand, Asscher and Emerald have step facets that are like staircase and create mirror-like effect. They look very simple, sleek and technical. And there is Radiant which has the best of both worlds. It has high number of facets like round brilliant but it features step facets like Asscher, giving it both sparkle and sleekness.

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The shape and facets are able to hide or reveal the clarity of the Diamond and influence the size. The square shapes often reveal the color imperfections of the stone but the high facets can hide the lower clarity. So when you have to choose a lower clarity Diamond stone because of your limited budget, choose a high facet cut.
The 4-sided stones tend to create illusion of largeness and the mirror-like step facets make the ring look big. So if you have to choose a small stone to lower the cost choose a rectangular cut like Emerald that has both 4-sided shape and step facets.

There are also very rare cuts such as Ashoka which is only reserved for the most flawless Diamond stones. It features 68 facets and has the highest price.

You can also choose uncut or raw Diamond which is kept exactly as it was mined from the ground. Raw Diamond is ideal for a naturalist who always prefers minimum processing.
The key to a successful design is to choose the shape that attracts you first and the most. Choose intuitively before going into details. This choice is based on your character; it is your true desire.

The setting has an impact too
The Diamond will fit into the metal band in different settings to create style and provide safety. But in case of the raw Diamond, the setting will be made to fit the stone.

The settings come in different styles:

  • The classic: Solitaire, Halo, 3-stone, 2-stone, Cathedral
  • The modern: Swiss, Bar
  • The simple: Channel, Pavé
  • The complex: Cluster, Bypass, Split shank

The setting also impacts the price. The more complexity it has, the more time and effort is needed so the price will be higher.

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The band complements the Diamond
You can choose the metal based on its color first and then decide the shape but both can impact the overall look of your ring.

The color of the metal used to be white or yellow but now you have rose or black options too:

  • The classic: yellow Gold, Platinum, Silver
  • The modern: Rose Gold, Palladium, Titanium, Recycled metal

The shape and size of the band can influence the center stone:

  • The width: thin, wide
  • The edge: round, knife
  • The surface: polished, matte, embellished

Wider bands tend to minimize the size of centre stone but they are perfect for limited budgets because they can hold one or a few small Diamonds and still look large. The edge of the band can complement the centre stone depending on the roundness or corners of Diamond cut. The more polished and shiny the metal is, the overall sparkle of your ring is higher. As far as the price goes, platinum is the most expensive and recycled metals are the most affordable.

Final touches
Designing your own custom engagement ring is a joyful process that gives you a sense of accomplishment. You get to choose everything according to your desire for a ring that will be with you forever. This custom engagement ring can reveal every facet of your character and sparkle just like your personality.