Some Marriage Proposal Advice

Some advice on marriage proposal

These tips and tricks helped me on my proposal journey. Here are some advice on how to ask her to marry you.

1. Decide About the Engagement Ring Earlier

There are pros and cons to catching your sweetie off guard. It’s cute, romantic, and appreciated if you do pull off a seamless surprise proposal. But at the same time, going in blind can be risky. If the engagement ring you choose isn’t what she was hoping for, the magic of the moment can fade quickly. I recommend doing at least a little research into what she might be hoping for. You can look for her desired ring on jewelry stores like DiamondNet and see recent engagement ring designs.

2. Ask Permission from Your In-Laws.

It might seem a little old-fashioned, but trust me, they’ll appreciate it. It’s an easy and endearing way to include them in your special moment. I don’t imagine people get told ‘no’ often, but the gesture is special. And if possible, do it in person. A text or phone really isn’t the same. If they live far away, consider a Skype or video call. It will give you a chance to see their excited faces.

3. Prepare Everything for the Big “YES”

Where do you imagine her giving you the big “YES”? Take some time to visualize the scene. The location, the wine, the music. And then make it happen. Of course, even best laid plans can go sideways. But having a plan of action helps. It will also give you an added boost of confidence for the moment you reach into your pocket for the engagement ring.

4. Practice Asking Her to Marry You

Love struck proposers can get so caught up in the perfect ring and the ideal setting, they forget about the actual words. Practice a few different variations of ‘Will you marry me?’ in the mirror beforehand. Being over prepared never did anyone any harm.

5. Consider Situation Before Asking for Marriage

There may not be the perfect day or time, but there are less-than-ideal moments. This question (and your answer) is going to change both of your lives. You don’t want a bad day or negative experience to overshadow this moment of joyfulness. If you’ve planned the most excellent proposal evening, but she’s having a terrible day, consider postponing.

6. Think About a Public or Private Marriage Proposal

If your boo loves a flashy affair, then go for it. Hire a plane. Fly a banner. Do it at a Canucks game. But if she might appreciate keeping it low key, take steps to give yourself necessary space. If you choose to do it in a public setting like your favorite restaurant, ask for a secluded table. Maybe by the fireplace. Or, go for a stroll to be totally sure it’s just you and her. Having onlookers can add to the moment, or it can take away.

Your path might look a little different. The key is to plan, think about what she wants, and take the plunge!