Black Gold in Diamond Engagement Ring? A unique idea

Black Gold in Diamond Engagement Ring? A unique idea

Black is an attractive and chic color. It is intense despite the fact that it is void of any color. It is alluring and every other color gravitates toward it. Everything is beautiful in black color even if it is the precious gold!

Yes your beloved gold can come in black color without losing its value while becoming more unique. Black gold is a perfect choice for designing state of the arts jewelry specifically custom engagement rings.

In this article, we will explore the possibilities of incorporating black gold in Diamond engagement ring so you learn about the unique idea of customizing your favorite ring with your favorite color.

What is black gold?

Black gold is the same yellow gold treated with various methods to become beautifully dark:

  • It can be created by patination which is the process of applying sulfur and oxygen containing compounds.
  • Plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition is another method that incorporates amorphous carbon.
  • Oxidation of chromium or cobalt inside the gold achieves the same result.
  • Copper-rich alloys that are treated with potassium sulfide also cause blackness in gold.
  • Creating nanostructures on the surface of the gold by femtosecond laser pulse is a more modern approach. The surface is deformed by increasing surface area in order to absorb all the light and rendering it deep black.

The resulting color depends on the rate of other elements present or applied to the gold. For example 25% cobalt content forms a black oxide layer in 700–950 °C heat while 15% cobalt and 10% chromium content yields an olive tinted oxide. It is five times thinner but has a higher wear resistance. Titanium, copper and iron can also create such effect.

In case of laser treatment, the method is high tech which makes it more expensive and less applicable in jewelry making.

Black gold just like yellow gold is measured by karat which shows the parts of pure gold used in 24 parts of any alloy. It is most common in 14 and 18 karat.

How to customize your Diamond engagement ring with black gold?

How to customize your Diamond engagement ring with black gold?

Black is unconventional for a Diamond engagement ring and that gives you ample opportunities to play with color combinations and design options. Use your imagination and create the perfect Diamond ring just for yourself:

  • A perfect night
    If you want to go dramatic and give in to the allure of darkness, choose black Diamond on your black gold band. Make the band matte, you have ultra sleek style with a mysterious feel but with shiny finish, it becomes glamorous. Add a thin line of small white Diamonds and you have the perfect night on your finger. Delicate lines of yellow gold or rose gold twisted with your black band can create a rare look that resembles the shooting stars in a dark night. A simple setting such as solitaire becomes ultra classic while 3-stone setting becomes ultra gothic. Square shapes such as emerald cut projects the ultimate discipline in black while oval cut looks wiser and pear cut is something in between.
  • A perfect complement
    Black is the color of night where the beauty of white sparkling stars is more visible. That is exactly what happens when you pair white Diamond with black gold. The stone will shine brighter and it will look larger. Black and white are the opposite colors where one is purely colorless and the other is a mix of 3 main colors of blue, red and yellow. The opposing qualities of voidness and fullness make them the perfect complements on an engagement ring. It creates a sleek style that reflects your inner perfectionist. Add to that delicate embellishments on the band and you get a perfect gothic style that reflects your true desires. In a 2-stone setting of black and white Diamonds, you have the ultimate goth but in a complex setting such as halo or cluster, you get a glorious feel. Mirror-step cuts such as asscher reflect the most light while trillion cut shows off most uniqueness and classic round cut is the loveliest as always.
  • A perfect contrast
    Being black means every other color will have more opportunities to shine. Although rare, but Diamond can be found in unique hues such as red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink and even gray that are the perfect contrast for black gold. In order to let your colored Diamond be magnified on the intense background of black gold, keep it simple and avoid adding any other color to the design. The setting can make up for simplicity by adding intricate details in cathedral setting or delicate carves in bypass setting. A traditional cut such as marquise doubles the attraction of the colored stone while princess cut softens the contrast and radiant cut modernizes the style.

Closing thoughts

Black color in contrast to white is unique in a way that is void of any color. It is independent and that makes it strong while also flexible for design options.

Black gold is even more unique because it is an absolute opposite of a historically precious metal that is known to be yellow.

Black gold in Diamond engagement ring is a unique idea because you can personalize your ring with your favorite color. It gives you more possibilities to create beautiful contrasts and rare designs that will be remembered.

With the help of a master Diamond dealer in Vancouver you can incorporate black gold in your custom engagement ring in a way that is rare just like you and your relationship. Added to the service is the wholesale price that can make your black ring a true find