Where to find Black Diamond engagement rings in Vancouver?

Black Diamond engagement rings in Vancouver

Diamonds are known to be colorless and even in GIA grading system; the absence of color gets the higher grade! But sometimes nature does its magic and gives us some gems in rare colors. Black Diamond is one of those rare stones that is unique in any way possible which makes Black Diamond Engagement Ring as rare as it can get!

In this article, we will explore the world of black Diamond engagement rings in Vancouver so you know how to find the perfect ring that has the rarest color.

Black Diamond History

Black Diamond just like black history month has always been rare and precious as there is only a few known in history such as Black Orloff. It was a large stone which was reported to be stolen from a Hindu temple in the early 1800s. It was believed to be cursed so at some point in history they cut it in smaller pieces to break the hex!

Black Diamond or Carbonados was never considered “fancy black” or high value till late 20th century but it was Carrie Bradshaw that revived its reputation! Since then, public interest in black Diamond engagement rings has grown greatly.

What makes a Diamond black is interesting because the stone is perceived black because the light can’t pass through it and that is due to the high concentration of inclusions! Minute minerals such as graphite, hematite and pyrite intensify molecular structure otherwise the actual body color of a black Diamond might even be colorless or brown and olive green.

The grading of black Diamond is unique just like the stone itself. As you know, the Diamond grading by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) includes 4Cs which are Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut.

Black Diamond

The color of black Diamond is graded based on the “fancy scale” that is any color outside “D-to-Z” color range. It starts with fancy light and moves to dark, deep, intense and vivid.

The clarity of black Diamond though is more challenging because it is opaque and has no variation in tone or saturation. Therefore, GIA uses only a single term “fancy black” and instead of issuing any grading report, issues a “Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report” which indicates the stone is a Fancy black Diamond and the color is either natural or treated.

Treated black Diamonds are not natural rather some whites with high number of defects are subjected to heat, pressure and radiation to make them black. They are less valuable than their natural counterparts but generally black Diamonds are more affordable compared to other fancy colors.

Black Diamond contains many microscopic fractures that make it vulnerable to breakage. Thus the cleaning and maintenance should be done gently and carefully. But the same rules apply that they should not be steamed or ultrasonic cleaned!

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black is a captivating color and Black Diamond has an enigmatic character that is rare in any way which makes it an ideal choice for couples whose relationship is not based on tradition or convention rather it is an individualized bond that belongs to them and them only.

If you are captivated by mysterious allure of black Diamond and considering to turn your

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

engagement ring to a statement jewelry, you should consider a few factors:

  • First, choose your overall style such as classic or modern and elegance or casual. Vintage and gothic styles are great choice for black Diamond as they are associated with black color, especially if you go with blackened engravings on the band.
  • Then choose the cut of your black Diamond. It is as diverse as any other color so feel free to choose princess or even heart. Just remember that it has no sparkle so some cuts with step facets such as Emerald or Asscher won’t have the same mirror-like facets as colorless Diamonds.
  • Setting is where you can invest on the contrast feature of a black Diamond engagement ring because it is all about contrast, in color and in tradition. You can couple it with small whites in Halo or Channel setting to maximize contrast or couple it with a single and same size white Diamond in 2-stone setting to show case duality. If you want to go simple and sleek, go with Swiss setting with a few small black Diamonds hammered in the band. Above all, you can let your black Diamond have the entire spotlight in a Solitaire setting.
  • Metal band can intensify the contrast as they come in white, gold, rose gold and black colors. For a classic contrast use white metal such as Platinum or Silver but for a more modern twist choose Rose gold. If you want to go dramatic, choose a black metal such as black gold which is the same white gold but electroplated with black rhodium!

Black Diamond in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to many great Diamond designers and jewelers that are master of their art. They know the complexity of the science and they have years of experience in cutting, polishing and designing state of the arts engagement rings that are unique each and every one. Granville Street in downtown Vancouver is of specific importance as some of the best Diamond dealers are presenting their high-end master pieces.

You can find the best quality and design of black Diamonds in downtown Vancouver, Granville Street. At Number 528-736 , DiamondNet offers highest quality and rarest designs in wholesale prices.

We at DiamondNet specialize in rare fancy colors that we set in custom engagement rings. We have been in Diamond business for generations that results in our high quality products and biggest inventory in Vancouver. Our Diamonds are all certified by relevant organizations such as GIA.

Black Diamond in Vancouver

Our intention is to provide the opportunity for every couple to have their perfect Diamond ring in wholesale prices. We also offer free lifetime servicing, Diamond upgrade, door to door insurance and 14 to 30 days money back guarantee for offline or online shopping respectively. One year of exchange guarantee is also available if you choose an item of the same value.

Our work ethic is of precision and perfection both in Diamond and Design. We couple high aesthetic with high quality and customize it with your unique personality so you can have your rare Black Diamond Engagement Ring, as rare as it can get!