Is that Salt and Pepper in your Diamond Engagement Ring?!

Is that Salt and Pepper in your Diamond Engagement Ring?!

Imperfection is often less accepted and even Diamonds are not immune to this ideology. They are valued based on their purity and sparkle. But nature has its own way of creating rare gems that are not seemingly pure but they are beautiful nonetheless. Salt and Pepper Diamond is one of those rare gems!

In this article, we will explore Salt and Pepper Diamonds and the ways you can customize your engagement ring with them.

What is Salt and Pepper Diamond?

If you have been reading our articles, you know that Diamonds are graded by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) based on the 4C’s scale which stands for clarity, color, cut and carat. Clarity refers to the purity level of the stone. The less inclusion it has, the higher its grade will be.
Inclusions are elements such as carbon, iron and copper that are trapped inside the stone creating colors and patterns. Rarely these inclusions are a single element in a unified pattern to cause fancy colored Diamonds such as pink and yellow. When inclusions are carbon element in a random pattern, the Diamond is called Salt and Pepper because it looks like black and white or mostly gray. The higher the inclusions, the darker the grayness of the stone will be.What is Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Salt and Pepper Diamond is eco-friendly because it takes fewer resources to mine so it puts less pressure on the environment. That also makes it cost effective which translates to lower prices compared to white Diamond. It either helps you save money or choose a bigger stone.
S&P Diamond is extremely unique and beautiful that can create one of a kind engagement ring to stand out from the crowd.

How to customize your engagement ring with Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Gray color is unique because it includes both black and white colors, a combination of voidness and fullness. It can be soft and yet moody. It can be dark and yet calm. It is the best of both worlds that give you ample opportunities to play with colors and shapes:

  • Color combination
    Grayness of Salt and Pepper Diamond is perfect on its own if you decide to go with single color in your engagement ring. It is the perfect match for classic white gold band to project a sleek and clean look but next to yellow gold it creates a soft contrast. If you want a more dramatic look, choose black gold band that defies all rules and becomes a masterpiece. If you want to intensify the sparkle, choose shiny finish for your metal band but if you are tempted to magnify the mysterious feel of your gray Diamond, choose matt finish. And if you crave a sense of boho chic, choose hammered finished.
    Salt and Pepper is also ideal for color combination with other fancy colored Diamonds. Gray is a versatile color that goes well with any other color and adds a nice layer of uniqueness to the mix. With white Diamond, it becomes classic and stylish especially if you choose a setting such as cluster that creates smooth waves of small stones in both colors. Gray and pink in a 2-stone setting create a soft and lovely due but with yellow it becomes alive and active. In combination with red, high energy is projected but with blue calmness dominates the air while green refreshes the dark mood. And finally with black Diamond in a halo setting, you have the perfect shade of darkness that resembles a beautiful night on your hand.
  • Shape and cut
    The shape of your S&P Diamond also affects its uniqueness and can magnify its rarity. A kite shape creates the most unconventional look that suits the brave brides who always look for alternatives. However, classic shapes such as round rose cut in solitaire setting can also add to the softness of the color making a delicate look. Four-sided shapes such as emerald or asscher cut project strength that is just right for the color gray but the mirror-like steps will not sparkle as it does in white Diamond. Rounded corners of four-sided cushion cut will mimic the softness of the color gray so it is perfect for strong brides that are in control of their emotions. Gray color will magnify the wise character of oval or pear cut making it an ideal choice for calm and collected brides.

Final thoughts

Salt and Pepper Diamond is a magic of nature where void black meets full white and create a unique shade of gray that is rare and beautiful by any standard. Although it doesn’t have the sparkle of the white Diamond but it looks silky and mirror-like that has beautiful black speckles reminding you of the billion years of evolution that it has been through. The same imperfection causes a full spectrum of gray colors and patterns that no two are the same!

Salt and Pepper Diamond has a simple and natural beauty that defies times and trends and can create both modern and classic feels. However, it is wild at the same time to defy traditions and conventions. It has a strong character just like a rock that it is so it can also project stillness and calmness.

If you want a distinctive look and bold personality for your Diamond ring, choose Salt and Pepper Diamond and personalize it with your own design. Let an experienced Diamond dealer in Vancouver help you with details so you can have the exact engagement ring of your dreams.
If your are budget-conscious, the lower price of S&P Diamond can help and add to that the wholesale price, you make a huge saving!