Why should you choose a diamond for the engagement ring? 

Diamond for the engagement ring

Diamond engagement rings represent love and commitment. The diamond engagement ring was first presented to Mary Burgundy in 1477 by the Austrian pumpkin cod. This trend continued throughout Europe by aristocratic families until it eventually spread to different parts of the world. But what makes a diamond one of the best gemstones for an engagement ring? Continue reading this article to answer this question.

Significance and symbolism of diamond engagement ring

Diamond symbolizes love, eternity, and purity. It is believed that this magnificent, beautiful gem makes you confident and causes you an abundance of sustenance and perfection. These features bring more clarity, creativity, spirituality, and endurance to the user. This precious stone is associated with faith, growth, and success. It is also believed that diamond engagement rings strengthen relationships and create a lasting bond between the couples. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that courtship and engagement with a diamond ring is the best way to start a journey with a partner.

Young woman holding engagement ring with diamond

Nothing shines like a diamond engagement ring

Diamonds are the first choice to buy an engagement ring because of the beautiful light reflection. Each face of the diamond acts as a mirror and returns the rays of light to the viewer and creates an attractive glow. The irresistible beauty of a diamond depends on its brilliance and the elegance of fire. Glow can reflect white light to the viewer, and fire refers to the amount of light scattered. Diamonds are very impressive with their luster and high light scattering. The extraordinary shine of the diamond makes it the best choice for an engagement ring. Your partner will use their engagement ring for decades to come; So, why not go for a gem that has a lasting shine.

Cheerful woman wearing engagement ring with diamond

Various shapes of diamonds for a more specific choice of engagement ring

When you look at a diamond ring to buy, the shape of the diamond catches your eye. There are a variety of shapes and cuts you can choose from; Oval, brandy, pear, princess, cushion, and heart. If you want your finger to look slim, a diamond with an oval cut is recommended. If you want the diamond to look big and give you a feeling of power, you can choose a diamond cut with a princess or cushion. As you can see, there are various shapes of diamond engagement rings available in this collection.

Diamond engagement rings come in various colors

The color of a diamond has a considerable share in its price. Most gemstones contain a specific color in terms of their impurities, but in diamonds, this is not the case but mostly depends on nitrogen and structural defects in its crystal lattice. The presence of nitrogen causes a yellow tint. The presence of carbon in the pure crystalline lattice is also the reason for its blue. The crystals of this jewel have different colors. Of course, most of them are white or bluish-white or yellow or brown. Diamonds of blue color have been observed in Brazil and Indonesia. These gems are rare in fancy colors such as green, red, purple, brown, orange, pink, and yellow, which is often popular with collectors.

Diamond rings are an excellent choice in terms of investment

Diamond is a very rare gemstone, and our planet has a limited amount of this precious purified carbon entity. Like gold, this rarity will increase the value of diamonds over time; for example, an ounce of gold used to be worth only 18.5 dollars back in 17 centuries, but now it is worth near a hundred times more. However, keep in mind that the resale price of diamonds is usually lower than the initial price, and they are not as good as gold in terms of investment. If you own such a ring and considering selling your diamond, you can contact us to estimate how much your diamond is worth.