5 Tricks to Make Your Diamond Appear Bigger

Tricks to make your diamond look bigger

A common misconception about diamond rings is that the bigger the diamond, the more sparkle it has. Actually, the size of the diamond has very little to do with its shine factor; rather the strategic cut of the diamond is what helps it appear larger and shinier. A small yet well-cut diamond will shine brighter than any diamond of a bigger size that is cut poorly and carelessly.
If you’re looking for a way to make your diamond shine bigger and brighter, then you’ve come to the right place! We have some tips for you on how to accentuate the true beauty and craftsmanship of your diamond to make it look bigger than its actual size.

Go for a double halo of shimmering diamonds

If your budget doesn’t allow for a bigger diamond, you can always add a halo (or two) to make it stand out! A band of smaller cut diamonds surrounding the center stone will create a more widespread reflection, making the entire diamond look bigger than normal. If you really want to make your rock pop, go for a double halo of shimmering diamonds!

Add side stones to your center diamond

Going for a more simplified look, but still want your diamond to make a statement? You can add side stones to your center stone without it losing any of its flare! The smaller side stones will give more emphasis to the center diamond and give the impression of a bigger stone. Additionally, side stones make the entire ring look bigger, bolder, and more expensive without it costing too much!

A fancy cut or extra prongs for your diamond

While round diamonds are beautiful and classic, they don’t offer much shape variation. Opting for a fancy shape like an emerald cut, marquise, or oval will make your diamond look bigger because of the additional surface area. Such shapes better reflect light from all the corners and edges, making it appear larger and shinier. Not to mention, they’re slightly less expensive than a round-cut diamond since they aren’t as traditional. By the same logic, consider beefing up your stone with a few extra prongs. Six prongs instead of four on a round diamond make the entire stone look hexagonal and, as a result, larger. If your diamond is 1 carat or larger, consider extra prongs for a larger looking stone.

A fancy cut or extra prongs for your diamond

A fancy cut or extra prongs for your diamond

Slimmer engagement band for your diamond

Although a wider band might seem as though it would add more ring to your finger ensemble, a wider band means a greater chance of overpowering your main stone. If the look of a bigger diamond is something you want to achieve, opt for a slimmer engagement ring band. This will ensure that the diamond stays front and centre, drawing the eye in as a result of pure contrast. To take it one step further, select a band that tapers towards the edges of the center stone. Doing so makes your diamond look impressively elegant and once again, has the effect of making it appear bigger than it actually is. The stone will immediately appear bigger because you are comparing it in relation to the size (in this case width) of the metal band. A 1.5mm band will appear to sport a much larger diamond that a 3mm band, even if they are the same size diamond. And hey, you might save a dollar or two as there will be less precious metal needed to make the slimmer band you choose.

Extra bright metals for engagement ring

Extra bright metals like white gold or platinum have the effect of complementing your diamond. It extends the sparkle of your diamond so that the engagement band and diamond appear to be one brilliant entity. This has the effect of a seemingly bigger and heavier stone at a first or even second glance. The pristine glow of the bright metal results in less noticeable contrast between the stone and metal, and sleek and shiny combo creates a beautifully modern pairing. Platinum and white gold bands are one of the most popular selections at DiamondNet for this exact reason.