Why buy a (loose) diamond?

Why buy a loose diamond?

Why it is preferable to buy a diamond before it is set?

A diamond exhibits emotional value and symbolism like no other gift. It represents aspiration, hope, love and dreams for the couple’s life together. Its essence is the promise. It expresses commitment, faithfulness, and trust. The inherent beauty of the diamond and the magical of its brilliance represent beauty, elegance, eternity, purity and innocence as much as power and strength. It also provides a sense of lasting value – both monetary value representing wealth (financial storage) but more important lasting emotional value (emotional storage) – the promise of true love forever. Size does matter and so does the size of the emotion behind it.

1. Why Buy Diamond Loose, Not on a Ring?

Diamonds are traded loose – both rough and polished diamonds. Everything about a diamond affects its price and effects its beauty. Therefore, you want to be able to look at the diamond from all angles in order to examine its true qualities. At DiamondNet we are able to show you numerous diamonds of varying quality under the proper light conditions. This will enable you to compare and make a better choice.

1.1 See The Real Color on a Loose Diamond

GIA’s D-Z color scale for diamonds has set the standards for color grading. The normal color spectrum stretches from the lowest color Z to the highest color D. In fact, the less color a diamond shows the more valuable it is. Like a drop of pure water, a perfectly colorless diamond has no hue at all. In order to see the true body color of a diamond you have to be able to inspect it by itself and preferably against a white background under a diamond table light. The color of a diamond set in a ring will be influenced by the color of the metal.

Can you guess the color of the diamond

Can you guess the color of the diamond?

1.2 See Clarity Features on Loose Diamond

Diamond graders examine the nature, number, size and position of imperfections and how they affect the appearance of the diamond. The higher the clarity of diamond the more valuable a diamond becomes. Traditionally this is done with loose diamonds. When mounted, imperfections can be hidden or invisible. Therefore you cannot fully appreciate the true clarity features of the diamond.

The diamond is the center piece of the ring and also where most of your money will be invested. You should therefore always prefer to buy a loose diamond over a set one. You can then choose a beautiful diamond setting separately. If you still decide to buy a ready-to-go engagement ring, make sure to see proper certification (which you should in any case) and don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you have. At DiamondNet we are proud to be able to offer you both buying options.