Thinking about ordering a diamond online?

ordering a diamond online

Let me order any diamond for you and save you money!

The diamond industry has gone through dramatic changes. The online market has exploded in the last two decades while traditional retailers have seen a significant reduction in sales. Especially new-comers to the jewelry market – typically more internet-savvy millennial – tend to buy online. Admittedly, there is nothing wrong really with buying online, the prices are highly competitive and the service is getting better and better. Of course, there are many mistakes to be made if you are not a diamond expert. And I will address the dangers of buying diamond online in a separate post. However, if you still decide to buy a diamond engagement ring you found online – let me order the stone for you. Here is why!

1.       Save money

The very diamond you found online is offered by a vendor like me from somewhere around the world. The website you are using is simply listing the diamond on behalf of that vendor and will make a commission through the sale. I have access to the actual vendor, I know the original price of the diamond and I can offer it to you for less.

2.       Common mistakes in ordering diamond

Even when the certificate looks great and even if you saw a picture or video of the stone, you still don’t know what you are getting until you see it with your own eyes. Let me check the stone, talk to the actual vendor of the stone and verify the nature of imperfections, cut, light performance etc. to help you eliminate mistakes.

In a separate post I will delve deeper into the dangers on buying a diamond online.

Give it a try! Found a stone online? Send me the link or GIA certificate number. I will research the diamond for you and beat the price you got quoted.