What’s Hot & What’s Not | Wedding Ring Trends

Wedding Ring Trends

If somebody’s put a ring on it – on you – you’ve entered a whole new dimension of
jewellery wearing. You’ve donned the most momentous, and quite likely the most
expensive, adornment of your life. Your engagement ring has taken up residence on
your ring finger and, while you’re likely still adjusting to the thrilling novelty of it, the
reality is that you need to start planning the next ring sooner than later.
To move with ease from the gorgeous ring you’ve just received to the important one you
need to find next, take a read through these seven hot wedding ring trends:

1. Think About Simple Wedding Rings

While there’s been an increase in complex and detailed wedding bands in recent years,
this season seems to recognize a throwback to less flashy eternal circle styles. The
nature of this beautifully basic band epitomizes a marriage that will last forever.
Although many are deciding to follow the simple route, bands with intricate diamond
details remain a popular and aesthetically appealing choice.

2. Multiple Wedding Rings Look Fashionable

The combination design is another look brides are loving. Multiple rings placed one on
top of another is fashionable and functional, allowing the wearer to blend bands of
multiple colours or materials on one finger as if they were a single ring.
When this style incorporates an engagement and wedding band, the creative design
leaves space for a potential eternity ring at a later date.

3. Colored Gems For a Special Wedding Ring

Incorporating colorful gemstones is up-and-coming and unique trend. For brides who
are drawn to the idea of stones in their wedding ring, choosing multi colored gems is a
nifty way to go. Birth stones are a creative way to make your ring extra special and
personalized, alongside sapphires and tinted diamonds,
If more traditional white diamonds still pique your interest, try investigating alternative
options such as pave diamonds; a style of setting used to help create the illusion of
larger center stone.

4. Mix and Match Metals For Your Ring

Choosing to conjoin a range of metals is another method of setting your ring apart from
all the others. Keep in mind that different golds hold different significance: yellow gold is
often associated with fidelity, pink gold with love, and white gold with friendship. This is
a stylistically wise choice for those who wear silver as well as gold jewelry on a regular

5. Harmonize One Element of Bride and Groom Rings

The classic idea of a matching ring set between the bride and groom is somewhat
passé. With everyone marching to their own contemporary beat, it is rare for two people
to be attracted to the same style of ring. A modern translation is to harmonize just one
material or stylistic element of the rings, and remain uniquely separate otherwise.

6. Vintage Wedding Ring Never Fade

Old is new again. Vintage everything has become incredibly chic when it comes to
wedding planning, and rings of genuine antiquity or vintage inspiration are all the rage. If
no one in your family has a ring from their days of yore, take a trip to a second-hand
ring shop, or start investigating new rings designed with heritage styles.

7. Make a Long Term Plan For Your Dream Ring

It’s romantic to imagine wedding bands lasting a lifetime, but if your dream ring is out of
your realistic financial ballpark, don’t settle. Outlaying such a large sum of money for
second best likely won’t make you happy in the long run. An alternative is to select a
plain wedding band for the ceremony, and plan to
upgrade to something you truly love a few years down the road.