Choosing an Engagement Ring? Don’t Forget Your Skin Tone

Skin Tone and Engagement Ring

With so many different engagement ring choices, looking at and deciding on the
perfect one can seem like a daunting task. And while the majority of focus and
energy is often directed towards choosing the stone – cut, size, color – it is
important not to overlook how the ring will suit the individual’s skin tone.

Recognizing Skin Tone Based on Vein Color

Generally speaking, there are two camps when it comes to skin tones: warm and
cool. These distinctions are made by investigating the underlying tint of one’s
complexion, a hue drawn from the veins and landscape underneath the skin. Warm
and cool skin tones are determined by the color that an individual’s veins take on
through their skin. Check your veins: The appearance of blue veins below the skin
signifies a ‘cool’ skin tone, whereas a hue which appears more green it is considered
‘warm.’ For warm skin tone examples think Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman or Jessica
Alba, whereas cool tones include celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, and
Anne Hathaway. Perhaps you are able to see both green and blue veins under your
skin. If so, you are thought to have a neutral undertone and have the most freedom
when it comes to Jewelry selection.

Engagement Ring Colors for Warm and Cool Skins

Traditional yellow gold is considered the most ideal for those with warm skin tones.
Does this mean you must buy traditional gold if you have a warmer skin tone?
Absolutely not. A warm-skinned bride can look completely gorgeous donning a rose
or white gold wedding band; this is just to say that yellow gold is a safe choice as it
complements warmer tones across the board. By the same token, cooler skin tones
are associated with wearing silver and white gold very well.

Rose gold is a great choice for skin tones on the far end of each spectrum, as it
provides a beautiful canvas for contrast. Pale tones (think Amy Adams) can appear
to glow beside rose gold, and darker skinned beauties (Eva Mendes for one) will
bring out the depth of the skin and the delicacy of piece of Jewelry.

Ultimately, your gut must have the final say in your decision – it is all a matter of
personal taste. If a rose gold ring makes you warm and fuzzy on the inside – if it just
feels right – then it’s the perfect ring for you, regardless of skin tone