Things To Consider about Princess and Round Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut Diamond vs. Round Cut Diamond

So, you’ve zeroed in and chosen a diamond engagement ring. Phew! That’s one major decision handled. The next big decision is shape. Let’s talk about round and princess cuts. Visually distinct, both were created with a similar goal in mind: impressive sparkle and brilliance. Read on to hear our advice on how to narrow it down!

Popularity of Round and Princess Cut Diamonds

Speaking from a strictly popularity standpoint, round cut is the most popular diamond shape. More than 70% of GIA certified diamonds globally are round, with princess cut making up only 5%. But these are just numbers and they don’t actually make the decision process any easier. So, let’s talk concrete pros and cons.

Round Cut Diamond

Choosing a round cut diamond as an engagement stone is a long-standing tradition. Because of the shape, the roundness allows for maximum light to pass through and be reflected by the stone. What does this mean for the ring wearer? You’ve got it—maximum sparkle. And by nature of simply being round, this cut is perfectly symmetrical. An exquisitely cut round diamond should be able to reflect 90% of the light entering it. Angular cuts have a hard time competing with this degree of perfect symmetry.

Guess what else is reflected in a round diamond besides light? Yep. Price. It makes sense: The diamond rough wasted in carving out a round diamond is more than its square counterpart. Simple geometry. And top dollar is asked as a result.

Princess Cut Diamond

The popularity of a princess cut diamond is more recent than the round stone, and it was designed to rival the beauty. The modern sleekness of a princess cut makes it feel trendy and this is reflected by it being the second most popular engagement ring choice. Most often seen as a square shape, some princess cuts can appear somewhat rectangular. Another element of optical illusion is that the diagonal length is longer than the diameter of a round cut diamond. This makes the princess cut look bigger, even though it actually has less surface area. If you’re someone who feels like size matters, this may be a consideration.

Is your boo accident prone? Round cut diamonds don’t have angles! As a result, they won’t get caught on surrounding objects or surfaces. Not so with the squareness of princess cut diamonds. If you go with the latter, choose a durable setting to ensure longevity.

You could flip a coin OR make a personal and informed decision about which style will perfectly suit your better half. To see latest engagement ring designs with round or princess cut diamonds, you can visit DiamondNet in Vancouver.