How to pack jewelry for travel

How to pack jewelry for travel

Maybe you are one of those people who are always worried about their jewelry when traveling. You don’t know whether to take them with you or leave them at home. Well, it depends on the type of trip you make. If you are going on a leisure trip, you don’t need to bring your jewelry, but if you are going to attend a ceremony such as a wedding, you will definitely need your jewelry.

Which jewelry should I take with me on the trip?

Even if you need your jewelry on the trip, you do not have to bring it all with you. If you have jewelry that is your family heritage or jewelry that is very expensive, it is better to keep it at home and avoid carrying it on the trip.

Which jewelry should I take with me on the trip

How to pack jewelry

When it comes to jewelry packaging, the important thing is how to keep your jewelry clean and tidy. You can use plastic bags, pillboxes, special rolls or any other device you feel will help you do this. You may even have a custom jewelry box for your trip. Even if you want to buy jewelry during your trip it’s better to have precautions rather than regretting the loss of them during the trip.

Use cardboard for earrings

A small piece of cardboard helps keep your earrings in place while traveling on regular roads. All you need is a piece of slightly stiff cardboard and a pen or coarse needle to pierce the cardboard. Then you can easily put your earrings in the holes. For extra security, you can put cardboard and earrings in a plastic bag.

Use towels for bracelets

All you have to do is pipe a towel, then wrap your bracelet around the towel just like you would when you want to handcuff it. In other words, the towel plays the role of your wrist! Finally, place towels and bracelets in a plastic bag or pouch.

How to pack jewelry

Use a straw for the necklace

Necklaces can easily create a terrible mess while traveling. If you want to take more than one necklace with you it is better to use several straws to organize them. Pass one side of the chain through the straw, then lock it. With this method, the necklace chain is inserted into the reed and fastened securely, so there is no way for your necklace chain to be tied.

Use a box of pills

You must have seen that pillboxes have different spaces for different days of the week or at different times of the day. These boxes are suitable for packing delicate jewelry which are in small volumes. The various parts of the pillbox are perfect for necklaces, earrings and even delicate rings.

Use a bag, roll or jewelry box

A silk jewelry bag or a jewelry roll is perfect for holding rings, bracelets, earrings and even one or two necklaces. The jewelry box is used in cases where you want to pack jewelry in a larger volume and numbers.

How do I carry packed jewelry?

After choosing the right jewelry, the question arises now how to carry them with me to minimize the risk. Try to put your jewelry in a small velvet bag and close it. you can also use a soft cloth and wrap the jewelry in it. Then put the fabric in a plastic bag and fasten it. When traveling by plane, it is best to put a jewelry bag in your handbag and carry it inside the plane.