How to find your dream ring

How to find your dream ring

Buying a wedding ring is one of the most important wedding purchases that you should be careful in buying because it is supposed to be in your hand for a lifetime. Instead of long and tedious trips to the market and various shopping malls to find the right dream ring, it is better to get all the necessary information about the ring first and then with the full knowledge buy the desired ring.

ask yourself before buying wedding ring

How to choose a wedding ring?

It is always better to first decide what kind of wedding ring you like. If you like a simple ring for your wedding, we suggest you make your engagement ring a little bolder. But, if you are one of the people who like colorful rings for your wedding, it is better to choose your engagement ring quite simple and in such a way that you can use it instead of your wedding ring in the future, because after a while, its jewels become dull and its color changes while its original effect disappears.

To buy set rings, you can also use sets where the bride’s ring is made of gold and the groom’s ring is made of platinum. Whenever ordering your wedding or engagement ring, you can ask for the name and date of your wedding to be engraved on it. This souvenir can always remind you of this day.

ask yourself before buying wedding ring

Questions to ask yourself before buying a wedding ring

If you are planning to buy a unique wedding or engagement ring, answering these questions will help you find your dream ring:

1- Does the wedding ring you choose fit your hand?

The ring you are buying should not be too large to overwhelm your hand, nor too small to be invisible. Choose a ring that fits your hand, just test a few rings to find the size that fits your hand. Do not be afraid to test different rings! Maybe the ring you think is not right for you is exactly what you want.

2- Can your dream ring get resized easily?

The wedding ring is one of the pieces of jewelry that everyone wants to wear during their life, however, is there a guarantee that the size of your finger won’t change during your life? Of course not, there is no guarantee; Pregnancy is an undeniable example of this. In this case, it is better to ask the seller whether the size of the ring can be changed or not. Usually, the size of the jeweled rings cannot be changed because by changing the size, the jewels or stones on the ring may lose.

3- Narrow or wide wedding ring?

The width of the ring should fit your fingertips perfectly, if it is too wide, it will be difficult to bend your finger. And if it is very thin, it may get out of shape with a little pressure or simply break.

4- Does the ring feel heavy on your hand?

If the ring of your choice is designed with large stones that deprive you of comfort or due to the weight of the stone, the ring on your finger is not balanced, this ring is not a good choice. The number of stones and jewelry on the ring should be proportional to the width of the ring.

5- Does the ring have sharp edges and corners?

You certainly cannot notice the sharp edges of the ring at first glance. So before buying, hold the ring and hold it slightly on your finger to ensure its comfort.