The fascinating world of diamonds

Brilliant cut diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most fascinating gems in the world. These precious stones have captivated humans for centuries, and their beauty and value are undeniable. But what makes diamonds so special?

Tool information and material

Firstly, diamonds are the hardest known natural substance on Earth. This means that they are incredibly durable and resistant to damage. In fact, diamonds are so tough that they can only be cut and shaped by other diamonds. This is why diamond cutters use special tools that are coated with diamond dust to shape and polish these gems.

It is noteworthy to mention that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet, ranking 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which indicates that they are virtually indestructible.

Astronomy relationships

Diamonds and space might seem like an unlikely pair, but they actually have a fascinating relationship. Diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle under high pressure and temperature conditions, which are similar to those found in space. In fact, scientists have even discovered diamonds in meteorites that have crashed to Earth. Additionally, diamonds have been used in space exploration and research. For example, diamond-based sensors have been used to measure pressure and temperature in space

Stars turn into diamonds through a process called Supernova. When a massive star reaches the end of its life cycle, it explodes in a massive supernova, releasing a tremendous amount of energy and pressure. This energy and pressure can cause carbon atoms to fuse together, forming diamond crystals. These crystals are then ejected into space and can eventually make their way to Earth, where they can be mined and used for various purposes. This process of creating diamonds from stars is quite fascinating and showcases the incredible power and beauty of the universe.

But it’s not just their physical properties that make diamonds special. Diamonds also have a unique optical property called “brilliance.” This is the way that light reflects and refracts within the diamond, creating a dazzling display of light and colour. This is why diamonds are often used in engagement rings and other special occasion jewelry – they symbolize the brilliance and beauty of love.

Radiant cut diamond engagement ring

The 4cs diamond sections

Whether it’s on the news or on a magazine, you’ve seen the prince ranges of diamonds. This includes: 300k, to 1m+. The average person reading this information may think why? Answer… It’s because of the 4cs.

The 4cs are the four different sections of a diamond, each one has a scale & ranking. Depending on where they rank in each category depicts their price.

3D geometric diamond shape set on a beige background

Diamonds are graded based on their cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. The highest quality diamonds are those that are completely clear and colorless, with perfect cuts that maximize their brilliance.

Fun Facts

Diamonds are a captivating type of gem that has been highly valued for their exquisite beauty and rareness for centuries. They are produced deep within the Earth’s mantle and can take millions of years to reach the surface. Furthermore, one fascinating fact about diamonds is that they exist in a range of colours, such as pink, blue, and yellow, and their coloration is determined by the presence of trace elements during their formation. Additionally, diamonds have been associated with symbolism and meaning, often symbolizing love, commitment, and eternity.

Diamonds are also incredibly rare. They are found in only a few places around the world, and only a small percentage of these diamonds are of high enough quality to be used in jewelry. This rarity and exclusivity have made diamonds a symbol of wealth and status throughout history.

Overall, the world of diamonds is truly fascinating. From their incredible durability and rarity to their unique optical properties, diamonds are truly one of the most precious gems in the world. Whether you’re a collector, a jeweller, or just an admirer of their beauty, diamonds are sure to captivate and inspire for generations to come.

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