Engagement Ring Meets Wedding Band

Matching engagement ring and wedding band

One of the biggest questions from newly-engaged and about-to-wed couples is: Does my wedding band need to match my engagement ring? And the answer is: It is totally UP to YOU.

We are living in a fluid age when it comes to style (and most other serious life choices). There is a lot of wiggle room. Simply put, if you plan to wear your engagement ring alongside your wedding band, they should look nice together. Think complementary metals and shapes. But is it an absolute rule that your two rings need to match perfectly? Not in our books.

How to match engagement ring and wedding band?

Many engagement ring and wedding band sets come predesigned. This is the easiest way to match the two as they’ve been created to look good together. There is something orderly and elegant about a perfect pairing. It is not impossible to make a great match yourself, it just takes a little more effort.

There are two kinds of considerations when matching rings: stylistic and logical. Some might feel as though rose gold beside yellow gold is a faux pas — a concern based in style. However, platinum is a harder metal than gold. Gold has a hardness level of roughly 2.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness (depending on the carat). Platinum is closer to 3.5. You have a very good chance of scratching a gold ring if placed next to platinum. If you want your jewelry to stay beautiful we recommend the same metal or at least the same hardness.

It is typical for the wedding band to sit below the engagement ring. Often the bride will move her engagement ring to her left ring finger during the wedding ceremony, and place it on top of the wedding band afterwards. If you’re wanting the two rings to look très parfait, it is a good idea to try them on together first. A noticeable gap can accentuate differences and take away from the look.

But guess what? If you love your engagement ring, and you’ve fallen in love with a wedding band that looks strange next to it, you can wear the two rings on different fingers. Nobody’s judging anybody. You do you.

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