Diamonds of the world: exploring unique varieties from different countries

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Diamonds are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and beautiful gemstones in the world. They are known for their dazzling sparkle, exceptional hardness, and overall beauty. While diamonds are found in various countries worldwide, each country has its unique diamond variety with its distinct characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at some of the world’s most unique diamond varieties from different countries.

1. Australian Argyle diamonds

Statistically, these diamonds are one of the rarest in the entire world, with only being available in certain regions. Additionally, in 2020 the main mine for these types of diamonds was shut down, making it increase in value ever since. Due to the mass concretion of nitrogen during the diamond’s formation, they have a slight pink hue.

2. Brazilian diamonds

One of the world’s longest diamond producers is Brazil. Brazilian diamonds have a variety of yellow & brown hues. They are also famous for their large size and high quality, however, they do vary. Due to their beauty and colour, these are often bought for collection pieces.

3. Canadian diamonds

Canada is a relatively new player in the diamond mining industry, with its first commercial diamond mine opening in 1998. Canadian diamonds are known for their exceptional quality, clearness, and overall beauty.

They are also conflict-free, meaning they are ethically sourced and do not contribute to violence or human rights abuses. This itself is a massive benefit compared to other diamonds, as many countries don’t have a way to ensure they’re ethical. This means many diamonds from other regions and places in the world may be related to conflict diamonds. Due to this, and the quality Canadian diamonds are often valued at high prices.

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4. Indian Golconda diamonds

As the name states, these are Indian diamonds found in Golconda. Compared to the other ones, this one sticks out for many reasons. These diamonds are known for beautiful high clarity and transparency. Additionally, as higher clarity is rarer, these diamonds will often up-sell for lots. Due to that, these are often classified as one of the most valuable diamonds in the entire world.

Here’s a small fun fact. Throughout the world, one Golconda diamond sticks out and is the most famous. This is the Koh-i-Noor, which is now part of the British Crown Jewels. Golconda diamonds are highly sought-after by collectors for custom engagement rings, and types of decorations.

5. Russian Mir diamonds

The Mir diamond mine in Russia is one of the largest diamond mines in the world, producing around 10 million carats of diamonds annually. Russian Mir diamonds are known for their exceptional size, with some weighing over 300 carats. They are also famous for their high perfection and clarity. Russian Mir diamonds are highly valued by collectors and investors due to their rarity and beauty.

6. South African diamonds

South Africa is one of the world’s leading diamond producers, with its diamond industry dating back to the late 1800s. Due to the rich resources found in South Africa, these diamonds have been around for many years, and are known throughout the word. South African diamonds are known for their exceptional quality, with many being of the highest or purest white color.

They are also famous for their unique shape, known as the “Cape Cut,” which was developed to maximize the diamond’s brilliance. South African diamonds are highly valued by jewelry designers and consumers due to their quality and beauty.


In conclusion, each diamond has its own “traits”, and statistically different features. Including the hues, the Five Cs, rarity, etc. With types around the world to choose from, each with its own “stuff”, without a doubt you’ll find the perfect one. If you have to, ask a friend or a family member! However, don’t let a type of audience lure you towards one diamond, aim towards something you like yourself.

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