Diamond Engagement Rings in Vancouver, where to find them?

Diamond Engagement Rings in Vancouver, where to find them?

Vancouver is a large city that is both old and new where historical sites are loved and yet modern symbolism is visible in every corner. It is also filled with natural beauty yet highest urban achievements are also valued. You can have exciting adventures in nature and yet enjoy cutting edge technology at the same time. It is a city at the edge of wilderness and yet eco-friendly city life is at its peak. No wonder Vancouver is often chosen by people as one of the most livable cities in the world!

Vancouver is also a great place for shopping because it offers international top brands as much as unique local products in every category you can imagine, from interior design to fashion and art. Jewelries are no exception and Diamond engagement rings are crown achievement of shopping experience that Vancouver has to offer.

In this article, we will help you find exquisite Diamond engagement rings in Vancouver so you can enjoy Canadian-mined Diamond in a unique design.

Granville street, the Diamond hub of Vancouver

Vancouver has many world-class attractions but the most interesting part of the city is the Granville Street, the hub for day time shopping and night time culture and entertainment!

Granville Street was established in the 1800s and with construction of Western Terminal of Canadian Pacific Railway at the north end, the population grew rapidly and the street became commercial hub of Vancouver. To boost the commerce even further, Vancouver Opera House was built in 1891 where Nordstrom department store is located now.

In 1920s, the cultural aspect of Granville Street grew following the trend of opera house and soon theatres opened to showcase musical performances, films, plays, vaudeville acts and news reels. The famous Orpheum was opened in 1927 while the art deco Commodore Ballroom started in 1929 which has been hosting many performers on its legendary sprung dance floor. Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage, a heritage building of Canada, was also operational in 1930 while Vogue Theater which is a National Historic Site of Canada started operating in 1941. Understandably, many pubs, night clubs, venues and restaurants were soon built in the neighborhood that offered pre-show foods and drinks. The 50s were the peak of glory where Granville Street was neon centre of the world some of which still remain.

Today, Granville Street is still the cultural and entertainment hub of Vancouver and if there is any festival, it will be hosted in Granville Street. TaiwanFest, Vancouver Halloween Parade and Santa Claus Parade are good examples that take place in September, October and December respectively.

Part of the highway 99, Granville Street is the intersection of 4 main streets in Vancouver including Broadway, Davie, Georgia and Robson. It starts from Waterfront Station in the south of bridge and stretches near the Fraser River. Most bus lines of the city transit through this street making it easily reachable for shoppers and visitors.

Besides culture and entertainment, Granville Street offers a world class shopping experience. From Pacific Centre shopping mall that has top department stores such as Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom to smaller shops and specialty stores, it is the street that you can buy interesting souvenirs as much as electrical gadgets.

It is also in Granville Street that master Diamond dealers and jewelers present their state of the art designs with the focus on Diamond engagement rings.

DiamondNet, the engagement ring hub of Vancouver

At Number 528-736, Granville Street, Vancouver we strive to deliver impeccable services in terms of Diamond quality, ring design, customer service and pricing.

We are the third generation Diamond dealer that used to supply jewelry stores throughout Canada and the world but in recent years we have brought our services directly to end-users to help you benefit from high quality Diamonds in wholesale prices. Diamond industry has many stages from mining to jewelry stores including polishing factories, polished-Diamond dealers and jewelry factories that add many derivatives and brokerage commissions to the original price. In directly offering our products to you, we help you save thousands of dollars which is significant considering all the costs you have in establishing your new life together.

We only deal with conflict-free Diamonds that are highest gem quality, all certified by GIA, AGS and IGI. We treat the stone with delicate craftsmanship that incorporate both traditional techniques and modern technologies. Our inspection process is impeccable to find the smallest flaw before offering the product to you. Educating you with full-spectrum knowledge about Diamond is part of our customer service so you can speak Diamond literacy and you can maintain your Diamond ring.

We own the largest inventory in Vancouver and British Colombia that gives you the rare opportunity to compare many options side by side while having a 100% risk free shopping experience.

We also offer free lifetime servicing and Diamond upgrade along with door to door insurance, 14-30 days money back guarantee depending on your method of offline or online shopping and 1 year of exchange guarantee for items of the same value.

Our expertise is more visible in custom engagement ring where quality of the material is coupled with your unique characteristic to create the rarest engagement ring just for you. A ring that reflects the sparkle of your relationship and the strength of your bond. A ring that will remain with you forever, invincible against the ups and downs that life will reveal.

Our reputation speaks for the quality of our products and services and your satisfaction is the highest achievement we strive for.