Can Men Wear Rose Gold Wedding Ring?

Rose Gold Wedding Band for Men

Wedding rings are a staple in our culture. Taken, single, engaged: each of these labels can be awarded with a quick look at someone’s left hand. And while the history of wedding rings is rich and romantic, the history of wedding bands for men is relatively brief.

Guys should be able to pick a wedding band they get excited about. And there are plenty of manly options people are turning to these days. Wood, bone, ink—if traditional ‘manly’ materials appeal to your dude, power to you both. But conforming to gender specific style considerations is an outdated way of making this decision. There are no rules outside of picking a ring you’re proud to wear. Let’s look at whether rose gold has a seat at the table for men’s wedding bands.

How to Make Rose Gold Wedding Ring?

You are likely familiar with the most popular types of gold—yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Sometimes rose gold is referred to as ‘red’ or ‘pink’ gold but the hue is essentially the same. Gold type is determined by the alloy metals involved in the mix, and the percentage of metal included. Rose gold is technically an alloy metal, so there is no such thing as pure rose gold. (Note: if your rose gold band is marked 24K it is quite likely fake.) To make rose gold you need to combine pure gold with copper. More copper equals a redder hue. For example, 18K rose gold offers a champagne tone, with 14K appearing more rose in color.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring, a Versatile Choice

Now that we understand the physicality of rose gold, let’s discuss the aesthetic properties. Guy or gal, rose gold is incredibly versatile. The rosy hue matches practically all skin tones. Not to mention the romance factor: Roses are a universal symbol of love and passion. If you’re dealing with a manly man, there may be some resistance to a color palette traditionally inside the feminine sphere. But it’s 2019! Old norms are getting challenged and recreated every day. If your guy likes the way the rose gold looks on his hand, by all means go for it! And if the rose gold band passes your man’s style test, the other considerations are almost entirely good news.

Pros and Cons of Rose Gold Wedding Band for Men

Because of the copper content, rose gold is more durable than white or yellow gold, meaning it won’t scratch as easily. This is great for a man who is active or works with his hands. Also, in contrast to white gold that requires being dipped in rhodium every few years, rose gold requires basically no upkeep.

Pros and Cons of Rose Gold Wedding Band

If your fella is a stylish dresser, rose gold is delightfully complemented by almost any outfit color. While rose gold is still a slightly less popular choice, it is gaining popularity. A copper allergy is the only other thing to be mindful of; rose gold is not hypoallergenic. Because copper is a less expensive alloy, the overall pricing for rose gold will be less that it’s more traditional competitors. Which is good considering wedding bands for men typically require a greater amount of gold to create. Not to mention—copper is one of the most recycled metals. Hooray for sustainable jewelry choices!

Rose gold wedding rings are a wonderful choice for you or your partner. Or both, if you want the rings to match! The possibilities are endless when it comes to your own engagement ring and wedding band. Rose gold is beautifully complimented by traditional white diamonds, as well as raw or rustic styles. Or, if you’re thinking more outside the box, rose gold also supports colored gems like rubies, sapphires, pearls, and more.

Rose gold is versatile, romantic, fashion forward, and, best of all, affordable. If you’re concerned rose gold is too trendy, take a moment to ponder what it is your man actually likes. Don’t get caught up in flashy sales pitches and artsy photos. Scroll online retailers like DiamondNet, or physically go in and try a selection of rings on your hand. Go with your gut, not what society deems cool or acceptable.