Are diamonds masculine or feminine?

Beautiful crystal gem in a woman hand

Diamonds have long been associated with feminine beauty, glamour, and elegance. The fact that a man chooses a diamond engagement ring and is persuaded to purchase it for his fiancé is the driving force behind extensive marketing efforts. However, men and diamonds have a lot more in common than you might think. For many, the man is the stone that holds the house together, and we call it the house, just as precious metals do for gems. Now, let’s have a closer look at men and diamonds.

Men and diamond rings

The men’s diamond jewelry includes wedding rings. A wedding ring is, in fact, a piece of jewelry that men prefer to wear form the day they commit themselves to their loved ones. There isn’t much to say about a wedding ring other than the fact that it symbolizes your undying devotion to your beloved. Men aren’t above donning a diamond-studded wedding band. Diamonds are a symbol of both power and love. However, Wedding rings for men come in a variety of masculine styles. A single ring, for example, may have a large diamond set in it. Diamond clusters are seen in the hands of some men as well. The less glitzy and more violent, the better for some men, of course. Diamond wedding rings for men are typically adorned with gleaming or princess-cut diamonds.

Diamonds have long been a popular choice for engagement rings too. Maybe that is why princess square cuts are becoming more popular. However, engagement rings for men often feature diamonds cut in square or angular shapes.

Why do women love diamond rings?

It is not surprising to see women with a passion for diamonds wearing their jewelry collection as a fashion statement. Diamonds are so beloved by women that they reveal their importance on them. Well, there are many different kinds of diamonds, from round brilliants to princess-cut stones. A diamond engagement ring, necklace, diamond earrings, or bracelet are all examples of this type of jewelry. When a woman wears diamond jewelry, she is likely to feel special and feminine. Besides, no two diamonds are exactly alike because of the unique way they are cut and polished. These processes attract women and make them feel like diamonds are a part of their lives.

Man proposing girlfriend with diamond ring

Sports, where diamonds are both feminine and masculine

Even if you thought that men’s jewelry was becoming more feminine, you might be surprised to learn that many of the world’s top footballers are wearing diamond studs, necklaces, and watches. Diamonds seems pretty accepted among athlete of all genders. Diamonds are a symbol of wealth and power regardless of gender, so they could be considered masculine and feminine. Diamond jewelry is a sure way to show money and style for the modern celebrity athlete who lives with sky-high salaries and constant paparazzi attention.

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