Diamond Net is a third generation diamond wholesaler and ring manufacturer. We pride ourselves in providing superior quality jewelry based on exquisite craftsmanship.  As a result, we have firmly established our reputation in today's competitive jewelry market. We produce only the finest quality engagement rings and wedding ring sets. Above all, our prices are highly competitive and we offer impeccable customer service.

We specialize in the creation of bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands for both women and men. And we take the process very seriously. Our experienced goldsmiths use only the best materials. We combine time-tested techniques and traditional skills with state-of-the-art technologies. After that, every ring is thoroughly inspected for possible structural defects at each step of its creation to ensure you will receive a flawless product.

Unique Engagement Ring Design

Moreover, there are no limitations to your design choices! In other words, we welcome you to provide the design of your unique engagement ring. We can work off any sketch or image. Our skilled goldsmiths will reproduce to perfection any design you provide them with.

Let us know about details of your ring

  • The material you would like us to use
  • What diamond do you want: shape, size, quality (tell us the budget you have in mind)
  • Details of the design that are especially important to you

Based on this information we will advise you on the price.

To get started call us at 778-318-5208 or email to info@diamondnet.ca

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