What’s Happening with 2020 Engagement Rings?

Trending engagement rings in 2020

Alright brides-to-be, it’s a new year and that means a new engagement season. It’s time to prepare for an onslaught of ring pictures, blog posts, and advertisements for what’s hot and sparkly. Get ready, get set, get ready to pin to that secret Pinterest board.

Yellow Gold engagement rings make a serious comeback

What was once a classic choice for engagement rings has been experiencing a fall from chic-ness. In fact, some of you probably recall when it went out of fashion in the mid-90s. But style trends are ever-returning, and we think yellow gold is about to make a serious comeback.

Gold in its natural form is, you guessed it, yellow. And we are seeing plenty of yellow shimmering around out there in shops and online. What was previously stale might just be the chicest of all in 2020. JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsey, former Bachelorettes, choosing to go gold might have had a hand in the rising popularity. The warm, rich color of yellow gold looks fantastic with subtle champagne-toned stones as well as more striking colored gems. As far as skin tone is concerned, almost anyone can pull off this metal.

Another thing we love about yellow gold is that it can fit both modern and vintage-inspired styles. Whatever aesthetic you typically roll with, consider if yellow gold might be a contender. Despite seeing this gold waver in overall popularity, it has a classic and timeless nature that will probably never truly disappear.

An engagement ring with social goals

Making moves to be as sustainable, regenerative, and aware of our impact doesn’t stop at reusable coffee cups and woven grocery bags. Millennial’s and Gen Z’s are starting to think about marriage, and their idea of the perfect engagement ring might look a little different that previous generations. A ring has become less about the price tag and more about finding a company or stone that actually aligns with the personal values of the couple.

For couples who strive to be socially conscious, an ethically sourced engagement ring is an important part of their proposal. The engagement ring market has taken notice of this desire for sustainability, and a range of stunning and affordable options are available. Many jewelry companies have taken to using recycled or fair-trade gold. An emphasis on conflict-free diamonds and jewels is another important part of the conscious engagement ring conversation.

Yellow gold engagement ring

Yellow gold engagement ring

When seeking out a diamond that aligns with your social goals, make sure you aren’t paying more for a stone sold with ethically-conscious jargon and no certification to back it up. The diamond industry is a complicated and motley place, and it can often be hard to know the exact origin or chain of events leading to the ring around your finger. Do your research and make sure you end up with the perfect ring.

Multi-stone engagement ring

Three and five stone rings are becoming more and more popular. Meghan Markle might have a hand in the trending multi-stone engagement ring. The Duchess’s ring has three stones. It features a center stone from Botswana and two stones from Princess Diana’s collection. With a five stone ring, the design typically includes graduated diamonds with a large, center stone as the main event. Most often, rings with multiple stones keep the same shape for all five diamonds. That being said, decided to use a range of shapes would make your ring incredibly unique and personal.

Think we’re on track? Have you added anything else to your Pinterest boards recently? Let us know your favorite trends in the comments below or on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! And remember—while it is important to notice style trends, it matters far more to pick jewelry that you (and your sweetie) actually love.