Wedding Band Education | Learn What’s Out There And What You Actually Want

Wedding Band Education

Are you in the midst of a ring selection crisis? Feeling overwhelmed by all the
advertisements and options out there? Well not to worry – the hard part was finding
someone fabulous enough to marry.
We’re here to help with everything else.

How to Choose Engagement Ring Style?

When it comes to choose an engagement ring and a wedding ring, you can make
it a little simpler on yourself by going with a “bridal set”; this option provides a
perfect pairing of rings for the bride and eliminates you having to make two
separate and difficult decisions. Looking for an even more convenient route? Try a
“trio set”; an engagement ring and wedding band for her, as well as a coordinating
wedding band for you. Signed, sealed, delivered.
At this point, you need to decide if you want matching rings. Does the idea of
identical styles appeal to you? It used to be assumed that “his” and “hers” would be
the same style of band, but in an age where we revere the unique and personal, it is
becoming less and less common.
Do you envision the wedding bands matching her engagement ring? It isn’t a
requirement for them to match, but it is important for her wedding ring and
engagement ring to complement each other. It’s possible to select a wedding band
that will “go with” the engagement ring, even if it is not designed for it specifically.
This usually takes a bit more effort, as choosing the right combination is now in your
hands, as opposed to the designer.
Find a jeweler you connect with and ask for advice. Expertise in this industry is
invaluable. Remember: You can choose uniform stones, or mix white and colored
diamonds. You can even include other gemstones. The metals might be the same –
rose gold and rose gold, for example – or you can mix in different tones for the
engagement ring and wedding band. You could even choose a wedding band that
designedly contrasts the engagement ring as opposed to blending in with it,
reimagining the classic look and creating a bold and personal statement.

Factors to Choose Right Metal For Your Ring

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the metal for your
bands. The options are likely familiar to you: White gold, yellow gold, rose gold,
palladium and platinum. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons in terms of
care, cost, and color.

Typical jewelry-making involves pure gold (24K) being alloyed with other metals
to increase strength and durability. The carat weight (i.e. 18K or 14K) is representative
of how much pure gold is present in the alloy. 18K has the fewest metals added, and
as a result it is harder than 24K, but softer than 14K. 10K is even more durable, as it
has the most alternative metal added. 10K gold bands will usually withstand the
most wear and tear. White gold is actually yellow gold that has been mixed with
other metals (i.e. nickel) and it is usually rhodium-plated to give it the hard, reflective
surface. Rose gold achieves its warm pinkish hue as a result of being alloyed with
Platinum bands are the most expensive of the commonly used metals because
platinum is more rare. An added bonus of using platinum for your white gold band is
that it is a naturally hypoallergenic metal and therefore a great option for anyone
dealing with skin sensitivities. Bands made from palladium are equally as
hypoallergenic as platinum, but less expensive as the metal is less rare.
Titanium and tungsten bands are another option, a unique choice as they are more
grey or steel-colored than traditional gold styles. They are composed of high
strength alloys (i.e. cobalt) and are designed for maximum wear and tear resistance.
As they are incredibly strong and durable, these rings cannot be resized after the
fact. This is a perfect choice for someone who works with their hands and needs a
ring which is strong enough to withstand the elements.

Select Your Favorite Stone for Wedding Band

If you want your wedding ring to have bling beyond the plain band, then it’s time to
talk about stones. There are many options when you’re deciding on a stone,
although diamonds are still the numero uno choice for engagement and wedding
rings. Now is your chance to really hone into your own personal flair. White
diamonds are the most popular choice, but for the avant-garde fashionista, there is
plenty of room to think outside the box. Colored diamonds are gaining popularity,
and colored gemstones are a great choice alongside a primary white diamond or
set of diamonds.
Feeling wedding ring savvy? How about tossing the term “anniversary band” into the
mix. The term anniversary band refers to a wedding band with diamonds, typically
gathered on top or spread out all the way around the band. This is a good choice for
someone who likes to sparkle on a daily basis, but doesn’t necessary want to rock
their engagement ring every day.

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