Trilliant Diamond Engagement Rings

Triangle-shaped engagement ring

There are classic stone shapes that come to mind when we imagine engagement rings. Typical styles include princess cuts, emerald, pear shaped, round…even marquise styles are easy to visualize. But recently, more uniquely shaped engagement rings are gaining popularity.

Being different is the new mainstream, and the result is creative and surprising looking ring styles. Originally created in the Netherlands, the triangular shape is most typically associated with an accent placement alongside more popular cuts. But the new openminded ring concepts are seeing this three-cornered shape as the main event whether as a solitaire or multi-stone ring.

What is a trilliant engagement ring?

Trillion, trilliant, or triangle-shaped stones, are a stunning and incredibly unique style of engagement ring to consider. Either as a center stone or as a side stone in three-stone engagement rings. Even as a solitaire, the diamond shape makes a statement. Choosing side stones are also out of the ordinary, and the shallower cut means they often appear larger than they actually are. Bonus!

‘Twinning’ is the phenomenon of a mineral forming one way and then switching direction and growing a completely different way. Twinned diamonds, or ‘macles’, form in the shape of flat triangles. It is very common for diamond cutters to make these macles into other cuts but doing so sacrifices a lot of rough diamond. Keeping the original triangular shape is an easy and beautiful way to maximize the preservation of carats.

This showstopping three-sided stone is available in a range of unique settings. When considering a central diamond for their engagement rings, the majority of people choose circles, squares or other more ‘basic’ shapes. If you desire a ring that truly stands out from the crowd, perhaps consider a triangle as your main stone.

Trilliant-shaped engagement ring

Trilliant-shaped engagement ring

Also, triangular brilliants do not come in one basic cut. Some diamond cutters aim to maximize the white light being reflected, while others want to capitalize on prismatic effects. The shapes can have curved or flat edges, with pointed, cropped or beveled corners. If your triangle does not have cropped corners, make sure the setting protects the points.

As the triangle trend continues to gain traction, more and more diamond designers are creating three-pointed offerings. This gorgeous triangular option suits the bride who wants a subtle but fantastic diamond engagement ring.

Trillion-cut diamond engagement ring, a great option

If you’re a price-aware ring seeker, the trillion-cut is a great option. It maintains a special, stylish and modern feel without breaking the bank. If you’re going to maximize uniqueness, keep an open mind to a two-stone ring, a double band, or an original-styled mounting. Even a halo accent can go amazingly well with this triangle shape. Keep in mind, if paired with circular or oval shapes, there may be decorative gaps.

Diamond cutters often use a 1:1 length to width ratio. The sides and corners are most typically equilateral, rather than irregular. However, this design is uniquely you and those decisions are ultimately up to you.