Sapphires: A Guy’s Best Friend

sapphire diamond

Men donning sapphire jewelry has long been a symbol of status, in addition to the
more superstitious belief in the positive luck and protection that sapphires allegedly
Let’s explore the idea of modern sapphire jewellery, and whether it might be a good
choice for the man in your life!

Pros & Cons of Choosing Sapphires
Oftentimes, the image conjured up when someone says sapphire is a blue gemstone,
though there are many colour options available. Pink, orange, purple, and even yellow
sapphires can be found on the market, and while blue sapphires remain the most
sought after, each color offers a uniquely gorgeous aesthetic. As they come in such
bold colors, rings with sapphire stones are extra noticeable and appealing, especially
for men who desire a bit of flash. They are also a great choice for men who need their
ring to be sturdy enough to withstand rough day-to-day activities: sapphires are one of
the highest rated gemstones on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, alongside diamonds.

While sapphires are a precious gemstone, they still ring in cheaper than the lofty cost
of diamonds. Understandably, this affordability adds to the allure of choosing a
sapphire as your gem of choice. Not to mention, as the colour palate of these
gemstones is so diverse, they can be paired with a whole range of different metals and
still shine beautifully. This versatility allows them to pair well with other types of
gemstones as well, leaving no doubt that the man can choose the exact perfect
combination of stones and metal to suit his style.

The Right Time
Keep in mind, there are no definitive rules when it comes to sapphires. While
diamonds are usually connected to themes of love and marriage, sapphires are
appropriate at any time—and any finger—in a man’s life. Men who regularly wear
rings often understand sapphires as everyday accessories, either to be dressed up or
dressed down. That is not to say they cannot be used for big, special
occasions—many men decide sapphires are the perfect stone for their wedding ring.
Sapphire is the birthstone for September, as well as the star sign Virgo, and sometimes
men choose to wear a sapphire as a way of representing their partner.

Basically, follow your heart when it comes to deciding on a sapphire. Don’t feel
confined by expectation or trend—do what feels right to you.