No clue about Engagement Rings? Choose from these 5 styles!

No clue about Engagement Rings? Choose from these 5 styles!

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are about to get engaged. But finding the right ring is hard because you are filled with all sorts of emotions about your engagement and all that will come later. On the other hand, you want the best diamond engagement ring in the world that is right for you, your personality and your relationship.

But there are many options available out there that make you even more excited and confused! There are also many technical terms and variations that make the choice even more difficult. So we want to help you and simplify the choice for you.

In this article, we have selected 5 diamond engagement ring styles so even if you have no clue about engagement rings, you don’t have to worry but instead choose calmly from a smaller selection. They are all uniquely beautiful and can be customized for your style with fine tweaks and details

  1. White and Rose Gold Solitaire style
    This engagement ring is the classic solitaire with a twist. You get the elegance of the most popular style in the world while enjoying the uniqueness of the rose gold mixed with the ever beautiful white gold. The details on the band also add a layer of traditional style to the very modern solitaire with curves that bring softness to overall look and feel. The subtle transition from white to rose gold dances with the light but allows the sparkle of diamonds amplify the light reflection and glorify your finger.
    White and Rose Gold Solitaire style
    It is a ring for a balanced bride who is modern and chic yet values the classicism and traditionalism as well. She is not afraid to show her both sides and even takes pride in it!
  2. Emerald Diamond Eternity Band style
    This engagement ring is pure perfection, lined with small emerald cut diamonds on a simple band that represent the eternal beauty of the diamond and your marriage. The Canadian white gold is the perfect match for the sparkle of diamonds that reflect light in a perfect mirror-like action. It is both simple and complex in a way that projects a sense of completeness.
    Emerald Diamond Eternity Band style
    This ring is ideal for a bride who is strong and disciplined yet loves simplicity and order. She is not afraid to voice her opinion and defend it while allowing others to form their own ideas.
  3. Marquise Micro-Pave style
    This engagement ring is as unique as it can get in the simplest way. A marquise cut diamond at the centre of a micro-pave of small sparking stones on the classic white gold is the symbol of individuality. It represents freedom and independence from conventions and norms. It is a strong reminder that your choice is all that matters.
    Marquise Micro-Pave style
    This ring is perfect for a free-spirited bride who always chooses the unconventional and finds a way in everything to look like herself and not like the trends. She is edgy and not afraid to show it to protect her unique choices including her engagement!
  4. Round Brilliant Twisted Diamond Band style
    This engagement ring is the ultimate sparkle as round brilliant cut has more facets than any other cut. When twisted lines of small diamonds are added to the mix, the light reflection is beyond beautiful. White gold helps the brilliance of the stones so the ring becomes a piece of art, filled with delicate curves and details that add glory to your hand.
    Round Brilliant Twisted Diamond Band style
    It is most suitable for an artistic bride who also loves luxury and sparkle to reveal her delicate nature in a rich manner. She is soft and yet complicated but always finds the most artistic way to simplify it!
  5. White Gold Custom Crescent style
    This engagement ring screams strength and richness with a princess cut diamond firmly held with 4 solid prongs in the centre of a thick band that is lined with smaller stones enclosed with delicate embellishments. The white gold band safely grounds the diamonds creating a solid look and feel. However, the embellishment in crescent shape adds softness and smoothness to the strength, completing the character.
    White Gold Custom Crescent style
    It is perfect for a strong-minded bride who creates order out of chaos and owns it. She has a strong will and a kind heart of a beautiful princess that succeeds in her marriage happily ever after!

Closing Words

Diamond engagement ring is the symbol of your union. It is precious and personal because it is the reminder of your choice for a shared life together and forever. So the style should also be all yours, personalized with facets of your character. You can individualize your ring with little tweaks in the design and make it all yours.

With the expertise of a diamond dealer in Vancouver, you can design the perfect custom engagement ring just for you. A ring that has your personal touch to represent your relationship and the most unique style just the way you like it.

Even if you have no clue about engagement rings, the master designer can educate you and guide you to create the perfect diamond ring exactly as you always dreamed it. He will also teach you how to care for your ring so it lasts forever, retaining the original sparkle and beauty.

No maters which one of these 5 styles you choose, it is the perfect ring for you and your relationship. It matches your dreams and satisfies your desires. It projects your personality and reveals your character. It is just right for you.