How To Buy A Custom Engagement Ring?

Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

One of the hardest things when buying an engagement ring is finding the perfect balance between timeless and personal. I had been trying to find a ring to match my pavé engagement ring for quite some time and we just couldn’t wait any longer- it was time to take the plunge. The only time I had previously heard about custom engagement rings was from celebrities and people who were extremely wealthy. I never thought it would be something attainable for me and my fiancé. I had tried on so many different rings with my engagement band and nothing seems to fit quite right. So we decided to look further into building a custom engagement ring. If you have always been curious and don’t know where to start, I have a few tips that helped me find my amazing wedding ring that I will truly love forever.

1. Read Reviews Before Buying Engagement Ring

When I was choosing a Jeweler, I wanted to find someone that was easy to get in touch with and available to schedule appointments. I started by asking my friends and family members about their experiences and I eventually had a small list of places to check out. And after searching their general styles and sourcing methods online, I booked an in-person appointment to get to know the people who we would be doing business with. Also reading reviews online can be helpful as they are usually quite blunt and to-the-point (and can be less biased than your close family).

2. Make Sure About Quality of Diamond

Where the diamond comes from is extremely important to me in continuing the process of ethical purchasing. Every diamond should come with a GIA (Gemological institute of America, Inc) report or a different form of appraisal from a reputable jewelry institution. What this report shows is not necessarily the value, but whether the diamond is synthetic or not, clarity and whether the diamond had been treated to enhance or alter the appearance. If you are interested in other gemstones which have been growing in popularity- the GIA also does reports for those as well. This is something you definitely want to see when you are shopping for diamonds or any gemstone.

3. Make List of Favorite Rings to Show to Designer

Finally, you can show someone other than your friends you Pinterest board of wedding rings!

These pictures are super helpful when showing your ideas to the designer, as they can see what you like. They cannot do exact replicas, but they can cut and paste these ideas to make you the perfect ring that is completely original. So definitely compile a list of photos that you are drawn to, and your designer can take it from there! For the grooms who are hoping to design a ring for their future fiancé – keep in mind their lifestyle and take inspiration from their other jewelry as this will give you a better idea of the everyday wear. Don’t stress too much though, as everything can be adjusted later on.

4. Four Necessary C’s Before Buying a Diamond

Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are the four basic things to keep in mind while buying a diamond. I didn’t know during our search how much the appearance of a diamond can change based on its cut- as opposed to the other c’s. Color of the diamond can vary, depending if you are going for a natural diamond or a CVD (synthetic) diamond. Synthetic diamonds can have much brighter hues, due to their factory creation- but always double check the GIA certificate to make sure your diamond is natural – if that is important to you. CVD diamonds are becoming much better quality so it is hard to tell the difference to the naked eye.

Clarity refers to the internal characteristics of the diamond as well as the external blemishes. Diamonds with a higher clarity are valued higher- the blemishes and imperfections of the diamond give it character – making no two diamonds the same (like a fingerprint). And finally carat is the amount the diamond weighs. For value, if you stick to diamonds that are just below the rounded numbers, for example 1.98 carats instead of 2.01 carats, you can save up to 20% and they look virtually the same to the naked eye!

5. Do Not Worry About Your Ring Mold

When I had decided on the jeweler I was going to be working with, he started with a sketch drawing and then created a mold that fit the ring so I could get an idea of how the stone would sit. The finished product looked so different when the side stones were out in place and polished so don’t worry if the mold is lackluster. Our jeweler made sure it was perfect and consulted me all along the process to make sure that we were happy.

6. One Stop Shop For an Engagement Ring

Buying all components of your wedding ensemble in one place can sometimes be your best bet. First, you might get a better deal if you keep all your business in one place as retailers will be more inclined to give you a better rate. We got to know our designer and his team pretty well over the few months and it made the whole experience more fun and relaxing as we didn’t have to run across town to get everything put together.

However, my best friend hates going in to shop and has very little time to put towards the search- so her and her husband decided on an e-ring. The process is done online, as you send in pictures and they send you a quote back. And the entire process usually only takes less than two weeks and they use a 3D printer to make the perfect design. Her ring is absolutely stunning and totally suits her style. So I definitely recommend if you are looking for something fast and streamlined, and you have a good idea of how you want your ring to look. Buying a ring online is also great for grooms wedding bands as they are usually simpler in design. Keep in mind that the metals might not match if you buy them from more than one place. It is a pretty small detail but for a big investment like this, it is worth it to keep in mind.

I hope these tips and tricks help you find a ring you will be happy with forever- comment below and tell us the story of your ring!