How Much Should You Really Spend On A Wedding Ring?

How much spending on Engagement rings

Alongside the excitement and romance of popping the big question, the consideration of wedding ring cost is often a weighty subject. A typical price gauge a generation ago was the average of 3 months’ salary, but the fluidity of our culture today allows for more flexible standards. It is acceptable and even encouraged to shop within your means, with options of trendy recycled metals and ethically sourced conflict-free diamonds popping up everywhere.

If you’re seeking to pinpoint an appropriate budget for wedding rings, there are a few crucial components to understanding where to start and how much you’re expected to dish out.

Simple Or An Ornate Wedding Ring?

The good news is that wedding rings are typically less expensive than the engagement ring, as the latter is often an extravagant expression of ornate bands and elaborate settings. Wedding rings are traditionally less intricate, but still require a number of stylistic decisions.

Reflection of Meterials on Wedding Ring Price

A relatively major decision when starting out is whether or not you want the wedding rings to include diamonds; choosing to do so can up your cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on size and quality of the diamond. If you’re looking to include additional extravagances such as engraving, you can expect the price to reflect these personalized details.

It is important to remember that the alloy of your engagement ring should be matched by your wedding ring to ensure side-by-side wear remains minimal. The selection of this material will also be reflected in the overall cost of the ring. A classically styled 18 carat gold wedding ring will cost between $800 to $1,300, whereas a more highly regarded platinum ring can range from $1,000 to $2,300. Platinum is revered for longevity and density, and because the price will reflect these factors, it is crucial to clarify what you are looking for in your rings before you start shopping.

Bride Expectations and Your Financial Situation

Do your best to find common ground between the expectations of your bride-to-be and your financial situation; it will pay off in the long run for these choices to be made practically rather than emotionally. Woman are reasonable creatures, and your leading lady is likely to be wooed by your financial responsibility.

If these numbers seem bleak or daunting, remember that you can start simple and add on to your original design down the road. Making the economical decision to opt for a plain band is not a forever choice – indulging in the added frills of diamonds or engraving is completely doable after the fact. If this is your intention, give your jeweler a heads up and they can bulk up the thickness of the alloy to allow for modifications at a later date. You can rest easy that the ring you’ve chosen is perfect now and has the potential to evolve as you do.