How closely should an engagement ring fit?

How closely should an engagement ring fit

Sometimes it is hard to find an engagement ring that perfectly fits your finger. With the changes that the fingers encounter amid the days, months, and seasons, it is likely that the ring that’s currently fitting becomes loose or tight. However, if you choose the size of your engagement ring more precisely, you should not encounter any problem wearing your ring.

The ideal fit of your engagement ring

A proper ring should not slip from your finger, nor should it press on the skin on either side. When fitting your ring, consider the following:

  • Pulling the ring slightly with your other hand should pull it out of your fingers smoothly.
  • With the ring on your finger, you should be able to rotate it easily.
  • The ring should be centered on your finger and not tilted to one side or the other.
  • The skin is usually slightly compressed where the ring is removed.
  • You should not feel any pain or tingling in your engagement ring finger while doing these.

Young man kissing his girlfriend hand with engagement ring

How to determine your engagement ring size

Every ring has a number size assigned to it that matches the size of your finger. There are a few techniques to make sure your ring is the proper size for your hand, and it’s a good idea to test a few of them to get the best fit:

  • To verify the size of your ring and compare it to the size of your finger, you can use a printable ring size chart.
  • You can have your ring measured by taking it to a jeweler. Then have the jeweler take your finger’s size as well.
  • You might compare the fit of your ring to another ring that fits you well, such as your engagement ring.

Woman measuring her finger

Finger shape and the fitness of the engagement ring

Yes, there are different types of fingers, and they can affect the estimation and fit of the ring. There are knotted joints in some finger shapes in which the finger is the widest where the ring should be placed. Other fingers might have extra fat on the joints. Either way, the ring should move around the finger and fit freely. No matter what the shape of your finger is, try to choose a ring that doesn’t leave a mark on your finger when removed.

Forming different finger shape

Variables that tighten or loosen the engagement ring

The problem is not the ring at all, but the shape of the finger, which makes the ring fit terribly. When choosing a ring size, you should consider the shape and size of your fingers and pick the right engagement ring accordingly. Seasons and temperature can also affect how your ring fits your finger. In summer, when the weather is hot, our fingers tend to fatten, while in the colder months, our fingers tend to recede. Typically, the ring is felt more in summer than in winter; So, it is best to size your engagement ring in the summertime.