Gold and Silver Rings, Together?

White and gold rings together

Hello jewelry lovers. Let me ask, are you open to wearing gold and silver…at the same time? There was a time you were told “you can’t mix metals”. Ever. Case closed. There are even people who believe it is bad luck to wear silver and gold together. How’s that for superstitious? Does my engagement and wedding ring need to match everything else? We’ll answer all these questions and more so read on!

What do fashion rules say about rings mixture?

The truth is, black and white fashion rules are out, and the grey area of individual expression is in. New fashion laws say that maybe a mix of gold and silver is totally acceptable.

People have been wearing jewelry for centuries to improve their overall look or to make a statement of status. Fashions come and go will little regard for time and place. Basically, it doesn’t matter what people think about your choices as long as you like. It’s your call and you can mix gold and silver as much as you want. However, there are still some basic guidelines that are timeless.
Types of gold and silver engagement rings

As you know there are various shades of gold and silver. For the gold family, you have rose gold, white gold and of course the regular yellow gold. And, when it comes to silver you have the sterling silver and the oxidized silver. You will see that there is copper mixed in the rose gold to give it that color. When it comes to oxidize silver, it is more of a darker shade of grey. As you put on your rings, try to pick ones that are all the same shade, so your rings look deliberate.

When and how to mix gold and silver rings

So, we always suggest that if you are mixing yellow gold then choose to mix it with sterling silver. Both the colors are complementary, and it will look pleasant on your hand. And, if you are going for the white gold then you can always match it with some oxidized silver to give it a flush personality. Oxidized silver goes very well with white gold.
What about my engagement ring?

How mix gold and white engagement rings?

How mix gold and white engagement rings?

Keep your wedding or engagement ring on if you wear one. It doesn’t matter if your wedding or engagement ring stands out from the pattern or shades of rings you have on, since it’s supposed to be bold and draw attention. Leave it on your ring finger and stack rings around it or on top of it.

Does the style of engagement ring matter?

Pick rings in the same style. Since you’re already mixing colors, try to choose rings that all have the same vibe to wear on your hands. For example, choose simple bands if you’d like to stay with the minimalist look. Or, go bold with rings that all have a stone in them.

With rings, it is all about balance. Spreading out your gold and silver rings so one piece is not overpowering the other is the best strategy. Simple, delicate gold rings are great for stacking and pair well with a medium-sized silver ring on another finger. A combination of several pieces preserves balance and keeps it from appearing that the use of silver is simply because you ran out of gold options. And again, feel free to work around your wedding or engagement ring as that is the main attraction.

To stack or not to stack single color rings

Try to avoid stacking your rings in a gold, silver, gold, silver pattern. Instead, put two or three gold rings on and then a silver one on top, or vice versa. Mixing up the pattern helps to avoid the look of ring stripes on your fingers.

Those were our suggestions for the mixing of amazing gold and silver sleek rings. Go get mixing (or not) fashionistas!