Considerations of an Heirloom Proposal

Considerations of an heirloom proposal

We understand the attraction of proposing with an antique ring. It’s pretty special when your engagement ring has a backstory beyond simple being beautiful. Let’s look at some of the biggest considerations to choosing an heirloom for your proposal.

Save money by using heirloom wedding ring

Depending on how many additional changes need to be done to the ring (i.e. resizing, resetting) using a ring that already exists in your family could end up saving you a pretty penny. The average cost of a wedding ring in Canada in 2019 is $5,500. That’s not nothing. If Grandma’s stylish 1920’s sapphire catches your lady’s eye, perhaps it’s time to take Grandma out for breakfast.

Emotional Aspect of an Antique Wedding Ring

There is no limit to new and breathtaking rings in jewelry stores and online diamond retailers like DiamondNet. However, knowing that your ring was around the finger of your mother, grandmother, or even her grandmother is incredible. Especially if there is someone around to relay all the historical significance.

Where to select an Heirloom ring from?

Depending on your situation, it can be challenging to decide which side to choose the important piece from. This concern only applies if multiple people have significant pieces. Being intuitive here is important: A ring that sat in a jewelry box without being worn or loved probably doesn’t mean as much as the ring your grandmother donned every day.

Is Heirloom Wedding Ring What She Wants?

Be careful not to get caught up in the romance of the past and forget that it is your ring after all. When it comes to passing on heirloom jewelry, we recommend an open and honest conversation rather than a surprise. There are too many people and feelings involved if things go sideways.

Get the Heirloom Ring Ready for Your Proposal

One thing we advise is to take some time to get the ring ready for your proposal. We want this little love token to be in peak condition before she says “yes!” and places it on her finger. First of all, make sure the ring is clean and wearable. If there are flaws or damages, consider getting them fixed earlier rather than later so they don’t worsen. And of course, check in to see whether the ring is perfect as it is, or if there are some changes that could be made to make it even more amazing for your love. If you do decide resetting your ring is the move, there are many options.

A New Band Out of an Heirloom Ring

Is the band of the heirloom outdated? Sometimes metal from the old band can be reused to make a new and more appropriate design for the wearer. This is also done in situations where the original band is no longer safe or secure enough to wear.

An Old Stone on a New Wedding Ring

The most common route when proposing with an antique is to put an old stone in a new setting. This allows for endless options, and enables a bit of new to be mixed in with the old. Most stones can be cut and reshaped into an entirely different style. This can be done for reasons of style or to enhance luster and clarity.