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Dangers of buying a diamond online
Why it is important to see diamonds in person
April 25, 2018

A lot of my customers put great emphasis on the diamond grading report or certificate. I fully understand and appreciate that. With online-sales at an all-time high many people are buying simply based on a diamond certificate through one of the many e-commerce websites. But there are many mistakes that can be made. And you can easily end up with a lesser quality diamond than you thought. No matter how much research you commit to your diamond hunt you are about to make mistakes that cost you money and will get you an inferior diamond.

No Longer a Bachelor
Bachelor in Paradise Alum Marcus Grodd just proposed with a custom ring from Diamond Net
July 6, 2017

Marcus Grodd, former contestant of Bachelor in Paradise, just proposed to his now-fiancee Ally Lutar with a custom made engagement ring from Diamond Net.

Thinking about ordering a diamond online?
Let me order any diamond for you and save you money!
June 9, 2017

Give it a try! Found a stone online? Send me the link or GIA certificate number. I will research the diamond for you and offer you a better price on the very same stone you want.

Why buy a (loose) diamond?
Why it is preferable to buy a diamond before it is set
June 9, 2017

Everything about a diamond affects its price and effects its beauty. Therefore, you want to be able to look at the diamond from all angles in order to examine its true qualities. At Diamond Net we are able to show you numerous diamonds of varying quality under the proper light conditions. This will enable you to compare and make a better choice.

Is VS always cleaner than SI?
Why you shouldn't buy based based on certification only
May 29, 2017

Letters and numbers on a certificate alone can't give you a full understanding of a diamond’s clarity. They can even be misleading. In order to fully appreciate the clarity of a diamond you have to look at it in person. And there you will see that some SI1s are cleaner than VS2s, cost less, and are better diamonds. Let me explain...

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring
Vancouver under the loupe
May 25, 2017

If you are reading this, then most likely you are currently shopping for a diamond or an engagement ring in Vancouver. Where do you go to get the best deal and quality? I will try and help you get a better idea of how the diamond and jewellery industry is organized here in Vancouver.

Where are your diamonds from?
May 18, 2017

It is true that since the introduction of the Kimberly Process in 2003 all mined diamonds have to be accompanied by a certificate of origin indicating the actual location they were mined at. And by and large this does work. The problem is, however, that once the diamonds are polished and parceled by size and quality tracing the individual diamond’s origin is no longer possible.

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