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Located in the heart of Downtown and with the largest physical Diamond Inventory, we are Vancouver’s premier custom jewelry and diamond wholesalers. We specialize in Diamond Engagement Rings and a variety of other Diamond Jewelry.

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Largest Local Inventory in Vancouver and British Columbia
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Wholesale and Factory Prices
Custom Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry
Showroom in Vancouver - See and compare diamonds
Certification and Appraisal with every purchase
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Welcome to Diamond Net! My name is Felix. I am the proud owner of Diamond Net – a third generation family owned business. We own, manufacture and import diamonds to Canada and make them available to you directly here in Vancouver in our office. We are not a retail store and we are not a diamond broker. We are a traditional diamond wholesale operation offering you hand-picked diamonds for less money. It’s as simple as that. In the past, our family has exclusively supplied jewelry stores and other wholesale businesses. Now, we are offering our diamonds to the public. Furthermore, we offer jewellery at manufacturer prices and specialize, of course, in custom engagement rings. 90% of all rings we sell are hand-crafted here in Vancouver by expert goldsmiths.

Allow me to help you find the perfect diamond for your occasion, be it engagement ring, earrings, bracelets or any other diamond jewellery you want for yourself or your loved one.

When you visit my office here in Vancouver you can see and compare numerous diamonds in the category that you are looking for. My diamonds don’t only exist on paper or as a virtual inventory. You can come and check them out! Yes, the diamond search on my website does show you more diamonds than I physically have in my office. I do list diamonds from partnering vendors from around the world. This way you can actually compare and benefit from highly competitive pricing. 

In Vancouver I do have the largest physical inventory available, so you will always get to see what you are after. Unlike diamond brokers, I actually own the inventory and am always able to offer you several options in the category you want. Plus, my expenses are low, my mark-ups are small and my service is comprehensive lacking nothing any other reputable jeweler offers. You can enjoy a 100% risk-free shopping with money back guarantee and absolutely no pressure. I also offer free lifetime ring service, lifetime diamond upgrade and fully insured door-to-door shipping.

Each diamond or jewellery item will come with a reputable certificate and/or appraisal from GIA, AGS, IGI and more.

On my website you can browse our inventory, see some of our latest products and learn more about diamonds.

My office in Vancouver holds a variety of engagement rings and diamond jewellery at manufacturer’s prices without extra brokerage commissions! I will give you a comprehensive explanation of the diamonds I present you, plus you can design your own engagement ring. All this is a pressure-free environment. I am not your typical salesman. Just a normal guy selling diamonds.

If you would like to see and compare diamonds, you are more than welcome to book an appointment and visit me in my showroom in Vancouver. Call 778-318-5208 or email to info@diamondnet.ca

Diamond Net Showroom in Vancouver
My Office in Vancouver

How we do it

You purchase directly from the Diamond Exchange!

We all know it’s very important to know to buy “right”, to buy smarter by knowing that you get the maximum value for your money. This is especially true when it comes to engagement rings and diamonds.

Most products are sold at very high end consumer prices measured against their actual value. This is because at every “stop” in the production line –before even reaching the consumer – more and more derivatives and brokerage commissions increase the cost of the product. The same thing happens in the diamond industry. 

Diamonds undergo many different production steps until they arrive to show their familiar brilliance. A rough diamond looks like a piece of stone with little aesthetics. In the polishing factories the rough stone receives its beautiful shape and is then sold to a polished diamond dealer.

The polished diamond dealers sell the diamonds to jewelry factories where the diamonds are placed in jewelry like diamond engagement rings which are then sold to jewelry stores. 

At DiamondNet, everything happens in one place! We source rough and freshly polished diamonds, cut and polish them and import them to Canada. There is no passing of the diamonds from hand to hand, no additional brokerage fees, meaning you will save thousands of dollars. High quality stones that retail at high cost are available through DiamondNet for much less.

We also have our own jewelry manufacturing department that specializes in custom jewellery. Our prices on customized rings are 40-70% below retail. Our goldsmiths have over 50 years combined experience. Each engagement ring and diamond jewelry piece passes rigorous quality testing and is offered at its true money value.

If you would like to see and compare diamonds, you are more than welcome to book an appointment and visit me in my showroom in Vancouver. Call 778-318-5208 or email to info@diamondnet.ca

Client Testimonials

I just bought an engagement ring from Felix. He was very knowledgeable and gave me many options to choose from. We settled on something that fit my budget perfectly and my girlfriend (now fiancé) is very happy with it. The prices here are far better than you will find anywhere else! Literally a no brainer if you're in the market for a diamond.
Jeremy,  Vancouver
My fiancé worked with FELIX for my engagement ring and it was nothing short of spectacular. I get stopped daily by people commenting on the design and the quality of the diamond. My fiancé enjoyed the professionalism of FELIX and the team so much we came back to purchase our wedding bands... My now husband and I will be returning customers to Diamond Net for years to come.
Arezo, Vancouver
Felix made my engagement ring. He showed me a wide assortment of diamonds in his office that met my budget. I settled on one, but then I changed my mind the next day, and he accommodated me and found a few that met my new specs... I picked one, and when I went in to take a look, it turned out perfect! Great service, lots of patience, and great prices! A pleasure to work with.
Tyrone, Vancouver
My fiancé and I searched for the perfect engagement ring for over a year. I came across DiamondNet and was impressed with the selection online, and even more impressed with Felix' help in offering even further options beyond what was online. By doing so, Felix managed to provide us with a stunning diamond of superb quality at a very great price.... We will definitely be back for wedding bands, anniversary rings, birthday and more!
Vern, Vancouver
I recently purchased both my fiancé's engagement ring and both of our wedding bands from Felix at Diamond Net. The service provided from this business is excellent; from price, all the way to how they accommodate and educate you through the entire buying process. I would highly recommend anyone looking for custom engagement rings in Vancouver to look here.
Danny, Vancouver
It's hard to tell the difference between all the stones sometimes but here you look at a bunch of stones one after the other to compare them. Service was professional and the ring was crafted on time. I value the fact that it I didn't feel pressured/pushed to buy anything during my first visit, unlike other places I shopped at...Would recommend Diamond Net and definitely would recommend Felix!
Andrew, Vancouver
Hi Felix
She said "YES!!" ... and she LOVES the ring! You guys did an amazing job!  Again, just wanted to say thank you very much for your help.  
This was an amazing experience, glad I chose to go with you guys.
Mark, Vancouver

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